Saturday, November 18, 2017

Dance Queens Multi Troupe Show and Interactive 11:30am!!

Join us for this special event as some of the best dancers and choreographers from around the grid come together to celebrate the love of dance. A beautiful variety of acts from class to sass and everything in between, gathering for the sole purpose of entertainment and awe.

There is a Whymsee interactive by Cordelia Cerise at 11:30am before the show, please join us for some serious fun!

Here is the line-up of Troupes represented and Choreographers

*Elysium - Babypea- Web: Intro Atlantis Rising
*Debauche - Severina: Heaven by Bryan Adams
*Dance Queens - Esme: Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill
*Lady Burlesque - Antony: Tornero Pan Flute
*Innana Burlesque - Vanity: Sukiyaki 1981
*Debauche - Laura: All That Jazz
*Dance Queens - Melvis Baum: Moments in Love
*Winds of the Sahara - Lina: ZZ Ward - Criminal ft. Freddie Gibbs
*Rompers - SarahRho: Wicked Game
*Euphoria - Diawa: Drunk in Love

Your Ride to the Dance Park for the Interactive!

Your Ride to the Show at Noon!