Sunday, July 9, 2017

Very Important Information Dance Queens Info

Greetings Dear Ones Near and Far!

I am very pleased to announce a few changes in Dance Queens.  For over a year, Dance Queens has been in stasis, as our ZZ became extremely ill in RL.  I wanted her to find everything right where she left it, when she returned.  Unfortunately, the person we rented land from for the Info Center left SL, so we lost the Info Center.  And now, after over a year, I sorrowfully feel it is time to accept that our ZZ may not be coming back.  I do think of her daily, and ache to hear from her again.  But in the meantime, Dance Queens needs to move forward.  Knowing what I do of ZZ, she would want this by now.  She is one of the most unselfish persons I have ever known, and it was a privilege to assist her with her passion... Dance Queens.

We have very slowly been poking at the creation of a new Info Center.  It was started by Sebastian Bourne and Fukuju Amaterasu, with thanks to Tray Porthos for offering us a very generous rental deal.  It has been completed by Web Sass.  It includes a social area for chatting, one for social dancing and DJ parties, an area for meditation, a platform that people can use for free to have shows if they do not have a venue, and an art gallery featuring dance-related photography.  These photos will be changed out every three months.  If you have a lovely picture of a dance that you would like to see featured in the art gallery, please submit it to Web.  The new Info Center also has a building with a wall that features logos and LMs to various dance venues.  If your venue or troupe is not represented and you want it to be, please pass a folder with your logo, LM, and if you'd like a NC giving information about your group to Web.  Check out the new Info Center and you will find places where you can have meetings, teach a class, build a set... we have tried to think of everything that might benefit people in the dance community.

If you have any suggestions for the Info Center, to make it even better, please send them to any DQs Manager.  We are hoping it will be a hub of information and a starting point for people new to dance, as well as a social place where different troupes can gather, socialize and share their creativity.  The Info Center is to serve as an anchor, a neutral place for all dance and performing arts, a place where a Manager can be reached, featuring an interactive calendar of events and a neutral place the community can gather.  It belongs to the entire dance community.  There will at times be events that will serve as fund raisers to help with tier payments, however any donations are purely voluntary and no one is obligated in any way.  Is an Info Center necessary?  Probably not.  But is it fun?  For some people, yes it is.  SL is in part for having fun, and for those who wish to have fun with the Info Center, it is here for you.

Now on to a new Dance Queens Director.  The Director will be in charge of the overall operations of Dance Queens.  This is what ZZ used to do.  I am very pleased and grateful to welcome Web Sass to this position.  She accepted it and became active as of July 1st... sorry this notice is belated!  Many people know Web as a devoted patron of dance, attending pretty much every show she possibly can.  She is known for her generosity and her desire to give and serve others in the dance community.  She has a beautiful, benevolent soul and is highly dedicated.  She has the time and desire to fill this position, and hopefully can give Dance Queens the attention and care it deserves.  Web has extensive experience in web design and blogging.  She will be assisted by several Managers.  Please understand all of these positions are voluntary.  These people are humans, working hard to promote dance in SL for the entire dance community, asking nothing in return other than to be treated with respect.  The Managers are:

Amethyst Starostin

I want to take a moment here to thank Nottoo Wise and Zhaza Zerbino for the years of service and devotion they have given to the dance community.  There have been many others who have also contributed along the way, and thanks and gratitude are sent to them all.  I will continue to serve Dance Queens as I can, mostly assisting Web with projects as needed.  I have enjoyed working with the dance community and helping others as I can.  I wish you all much love and joy in both lives.  Dance with passion!  Be good to one another.  Let us all look forward to what we may discover with future dancing in Second Life.

BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl