Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 15 2pm SLT - Fusion Dance Crew Presents PURA VIDA

Fusion Dance Crew returns to the stage at The Fusion Performing Arts Center with its latest show: PURA VIDA on SATURDAY, JULY 15 @ 2PM SLT.  PURA VIDA is the 29th Fusion Dance Crew show.

The literal translation of Pura Vida is: pure life i.e. the good life. The Costa Ricans believe in pura vida which is a philosophy of love, peace, and acceptance of all peoples. A believe that no matter the challenges in life, someone else may have it worse.  For this show Pura Vida meant selecting a song and creating a dance routine that gave the choreographers a feeling of pura vida.  One routine gave the joy of being able to choreograph a dance routine to a song they love; another was creating a dance routine of lost loves who they would like to see again; to messages of not giving up; to having more  money so one doesn't have to work anymore; to coming together for a better tomorrow.

Using our eclectic style of selecting songs from many musical genres, for this show we present, 7 dance routines to music by Zucchero, Barry Gibb, Tiana Reeves, Michel Telo, Rumer Willis, Louie and DJ Zen and Samantha James. Come experience your pura vida as Fusion Dance Crew takes to the stage for another interesting and exciting show!