Wednesday, July 5, 2017

En Pointe Academy Dance Classes

Greeting all twinkle toes and tutu wearers!

We have booked 2 more classes for you to join if you are in the mood to learn some new tricks:

Sunday 9th of July -    Extended Performance Director Class: Smoothing transitions, basic note card macros and much more. Helpful tips and tricks to make it run as smoothly as possible.
Sunday 16th of July -   Fader Class: We explore different options to fade objects using our Performance Directors and the Glow Fader script from Spot On.
Both classes start at noon and it will be helpful if you have loaded your Performance Director with a Sequence card and dances and have a route in a mover that you can use for testing this out with ready when class starts.  If you have joined our earlier classes, this would be all ready to go. If you have missed some or need more help, please contact me, Aelva or Shadow Tarber so we can help you catch up before class:)

Hope to see you there and keep on dancing!

/ A