Monday, July 31, 2017

Special Announcement - Grand opening of Dance Queens Parcel and Show

Please join us Saturday August 5th for our grand opening of the new DQ Parcel. The events run as follows:

10am -  Opens with DJ Gunner to play some great tunes, you can dance in the dance park or tour the many places on the parcel such as the new DQ Art gallery featuring photographs from dance performances all over Second Life. These photos will be rotated periodically, please submit your outstanding photos for selection. There are also slide shows with snapshots from all types of dance events and more being added all the time. (Feel free to send me yours or Flickr accounts to chose from.) And a public photo studio for Dance Queens members. You will find a classroom, a social spot and some areas for quiet reflection and photo ops as well as a stage for those without a venue to use. In addition, the new info center has some invaluable information and a direct link to the calendar. Very useful tools if you need them and if you don't, that's okay too.

11:30am - Cordelia Cerise brings a Whymsee interactive to our dance park! A half an hour of great tunes and fantastic choreo to wiggle us, so much fun! Come jump on a standy thing, accept an invite to Cordie's hud and dance like a pro!! Seriously Fun!

12pm - A variety dance show! 12 troupes will gather on one stage to entertain you! These aren't repeats, they were created just for this event and this time only because of limited time, it wasn't a broad invitation. To avoid chaos these troupes were chosen from the Info Center Wall and systematically asked. We would like to run an event like this every 3 months to bring the community together and there is an open invitation directly after this show for all to participate, first come, first up. Just contact Web Sass to get on that list and be involved.
    I'm particularly thrilled to see people so willing and honored to be a part of such a gathering, to perform free of tips or reward, and to further some unity in the dance community. It makes me very proud to be in my position. I'm very aware there are people who don't think there is a need for a parcel, shows or events. Simply put, they don't have to participate or use the services. This is a new age maybe, a way to do things a little different or even revisit some past things that worked well. Give it time, tell me what you think, your opinion is welcome even if I cannot please everyone.

Changes will be coming a little at a time, all with the dance community as a whole in mind. In the meantime, come celebrate with us, maybe make some new friends, catch up with some old ones! Be kind to each other, as dancers we all have the same goals, to bring your craft to your audience, without them we don't have much.

Thanks for sticking through this to the end and see you all soon!

LM will go out soon as it's an opening and we are finishing up preparations.