Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Performance Staff Board

Performnace Staff Board

Some time ago I stand in front of a DJ Staff Board at a club in SL and thought such a thing could work for our dance group too.
I contacted the creator of the DJ Borad and he agreed to script a similar board for the special needs of our dance group. After some weeks and a lot of testing now the final Version 6 is available at Market Place

Performance Staff Board

The content of the board contains a notecard with the name "settings", which must be edited before
use. In the notecard the UUIDs of the authorized admins and the employees have to be entered. The
UUIDs can be easily copied from the profile display of the respective avatar. Corresponding
examples are already included in the notecard.

The following options are available to the admins:

A new title can be entered by clicking on the heading of the board

By clicking on a line title, a new label for the line can be specified

Clicking on a reservation place can be used to release or reserve this place for an avatar

With the button "delete all", all reservations on the board will be deleted

After a reservation or release, all other admins will be notified by IM (can be deactivated in
the NC "settings"),

By clicking on "Overview", you can display a booking plan in the browser
The following options are available to employees:

By clicking on a free reservation place, this can be reserved for the respective avatar

By clicking on a reservation of your own, the reservation can be canceled (foreign
reservations can not be deleted)
Guests will be shown a link to view the profile and a link for a tip when clicking on a profile image.


The board is set up at the Oasis Theatre