Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sentimental Journey - Interactive Show to Tribute Those Who Serve

An interactive show about life... honour, bravery, courage... from humour and joy to sorrow and grief, Sentimental Journey explores and pays tribute to those who serve or have served throughout history and the world, and their loved ones.  

Produced by Spotlight Productions, the team who brought you interactive Grease.

You will start in boot camp, so come in fatigues of your choice or you will be given Class As when you arrive so that you can dress to fit right into the event, if you’d like.  Then prepare to have fun, to smile and laugh, and to shed a few tears.

When you arrive, please stand on a mover, accept the invite to dance, AOs off.

Includes an amazing must-see visit from Bob Hope and his bevy of beauties!

Tuesdays at 6pm SLT through July 5th.  Tickets L$ 300.

Please contact In2Udeep Luv for tickets and location info.