Sunday, June 26, 2016

About the Info Center

Dear Dance Queens and Kings,

A lot of people who were to be part of the Dance Queens benefit show today were shocked to find their things returned early this morning, myself included.  The entire Info Center is gone, and sadly, our goal of ZZ coming back to find her beloved Info Center as she left it is no longer an option.  No one knew this was going to happen, or at least no one in Dance Queens.

Unfortunately, the landlord whom ZZ has been renting from for a very long time is leaving Second Life.  This all came suddenly, with the only warning sent to ZZ two days ago apparently.  ZZ had a kidney transplant two weeks ago, which so far is not working.  Plus, she is mostly being kept in a medically induced coma due to pain.  She has no internet access, so of course had no way of receiving the NC regarding the sim closing (not to mention her offlines are probably capped).  Thus, she was not able to know this was going to happen, and neither were any of us.  I only found out the NC was sent to her after discussing all this with the landlord this morning.  He knows ZZ's partner has been paying the tier, he knows she is in the hospital, but did not know she currently has no internet access, as she often does have access when in hospital, and was not aware she is mostly kept in a coma at this time.

It is a bit devastating, as we did NOT want ZZ to log in to finding her Info Center in crunch boxes in her lost and found folder.  But it could not be avoided.  The landlord, MaliCure Munro, has spoken with me, and assures he had no choice in doing this because he is leaving SL.  He has no malicious intent, and did not know we were to have an event there today.

Mr. Munro meant no harm on anyone and said, in part:
[08:56] MaliCure Munro: no problem. I have a lot of tenants that are sick, I have to disappoint them all. This decision was not made lightly, I really have no other options at this point. I feel bad about the fact that you guys wanted to keep it up for her, and now lost all your work

Meanwhile, ZZ's partner had used donations to pay Dance Queens Info Center tier up into July.  MaliCure Munro had refunded 3600 lindens to ZZ, which was the 20 days still left on the tier that was already paid.  Of course there is no way to access that money.  So, he and I agreed to split that cost between us, to refund those who donated that money for the tier.

Meanwhile, the rest of the money is safe in the 'bank' avatar, including the Men In Motion fundraiser money, and all will be returned to the donors today.  I am very very sorry and deeply saddened that this happened.  I need a little time to recover from all of this, then will meet with the other DQs Managers, CherriBanks and Fukuju Amaterasu, to discuss a new Info Center.  For now, there is no Info Center.  Some of the people who planned to perform at the Dance Queens benefit still want to dance today, so there will still be a show at 2pm SLT with whoever still wants to participate, but it will not be a fundraiser, as funds are no longer needed to pay the tier.  The show will be held at Klark Harvy's Journey Sim.  If we determine we need fundraisers to pay tier on a future Info Center, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Thank you all for your love and support for ZZ and Dance Queens through all this.  Anyone who wishes to see the transaction history from the bank avatar (Treasured Galaxy) please IM me, and I will pass it to you.  Screen shots also available.

We will recover from this, and everything will be alright.  Let us continue to pray and send healing energy to ZZ, and hope for her soon return to us.



Please find below the SL URL and LM to the show today at 2pm SLT:


I decided to return all donations that have not yet been used for tier, and the refunded part of the tier from what was due when the landlord took the sim back.  Some suggested keeping that money to go towards a new parcel for a new Info Center, but since that money was not donated for that specific purpose, I decided it was best to refund it.  We will hold a new fundraiser if needed for a new Info Center.

At this time, all refunds have been made except the big one from the Men In Motion show.  I will wait until Sebastain is online to refund that one.  Just makes me nervous, an amount that big!  So would rather he be online when it happens.

Today's show will be dedicated to sending healing and loving energy to ZZ.  Best put by Klark:

[11:15] Klark Harvy: ok so now we must focus the energy of this show for her healing all these people  bring this for her, she will feel it

So hope to see you there, for ZZ!!