Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dance Queens Benefit Show for Our Zhaza Zerbino

A huge thanks to Klark Harvy, Eva Harley, Misha (Misha6942), and Fukuju Amaterasu as well as a LOT of beautiful souls... choreographers, dancers, behind the scenes people, audience... family and friends.  So many loving people who came out to join together today and dance for Zhaza Zerbino, our ZZ... sending her loving thoughts, healing energy, and prayers for recovery and returning to us.  Below please find some pictures from those who performed to a full sim.  Klark said ZZ would feel our love and I hope it will help, it must, we need her back here with us.

Breezes Dancers


Klark Harvy

Phoenix Dance Team

Diawa Bellic

We also send comfort and love especially to the Breezes Dancers at this time, who bravely performed even though they lost one of their own team unexpectedly this week.  He was remembered during this special performance in the following manner, with a post by Venetia Cazalet before their dance:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Breezes Dancers would like to dedicate this short performance to the memory of Ralle Jonson, a member of our dance team, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on Tuesday. We have left his dance spot at the table on the right empty as a mark of respect.

Dedicated to Ralle Jonson of the Breezes Dancers

It was a very emotional day, powerful energy and so uplifting.  Seeing the dance community come together in support of one another was just beautiful.  It is an honour to be a part of this community.  Thank you all, for all you give to one another.  ♥