Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Night Theater presents: " Fantasme "

The Night Theater presents:

"    Fantasme    "

On a  journey between Wonderland and Never Neverland, The Night Theater will give you a show of magical tales created especially for the Fantasy Fair 2015. In an attempt to bring to life the spirit of the Fair, our creatures of lore will tell you their stories in song and dance. 

With choreography and sets by the ever-so-talented Royal Shippe and Miss Madness herself Aelva, the show will play once a day thru out the fair weeks April 23rd till May 3rd.

Monday to friday @ 7pm slt 
Saturday & Sunday @ noon slt.

Joining the regular Night Theater dancers for this event are some of SLs finest dancers and choreographers:

Diiar Vader
Sebastain Bourne
Storm Bohemian
SexyS Quintessa

The Night Theater Dancer:

JenzZa Misfit
Sarah Elisabeth Brenham, as our lovely little guide on this journey.

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