Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lady Garden Cabaret Hiring!!


Please IM Kismet Coy in world for an application.  After filling it out, please drop it into the mailbox at the venue or you can drop it to Kismet Coy directly.

She will receive it as soon as she returns online,  And she will IM you asap to chat.  There will usually be an audition prior to performing on stage, the audition consists of a routine with one song, stage templates are available for you to use for your build for this.

Before you fill the application please take some time to read the following :

1.  We hire female (some males considered depending on what they would like to do here)human avatars that are at least one month old in SL age, with upgraded skin and good quality clothes, we are not strictly Burlesque all the time so a good selection of random costumes is always handy :)

2.  Good knowledge of English and ability to emote is necessary, we write pre-written themed emotes for our stage routines to then use during the live performances. 

3.  In order to be hired here we ask for commitment, if we see no activeness with regards to performing here you will be removed from the group, Im not a mini hitler lol but if I dont see you in two consecutive shows since hired then expect to be pestered.

4. This is a mature sim so that simply means that stripping is allowed but all areas must MUST be covered i.e. pasties and undies at ALL times. This is truer to our burlesque style.

5. In order for you to complete sets for our shows you MUST have some building knowledge, even just some basics, we can help you learn more.