Tuesday, April 7, 2015

JOURNEY DANCE Seeking Dance Leaders - Choreographer

JOURNEY .... Once Upon a Time.


This event has been running for three months, and has been very successful.

The JOURNEY sim is about creating stories.


WE have established a JOURNEY DANCE  on the sim once a month. It lasts around an hour.
This is where people can come together and dance in a group, to some fabulous choerography, as an interactive experience. 

We have Dance Leaders who each choreograph two dances for the event. 

We are not a show, we have no sets or specific costuming. We set a music theme and invite
people to come dance with us in a group for fun, and to enjoy the experience.

We are currently looking for a few more Dance Leaders to join the team.

The next JOURNEY DANCE will be on Sunday 19th April at 12.30 ( Huds and Priming) 1pm - 2pm SLT (Main Dance)

If you are interested in leading a Dance and would like more information please contact Diamond Goldblatt or Klark Harvy.

"Dance is a way to find yourself ..... and lose yourself ...... all at the same time"