Saturday, April 4, 2015

Amazon Rainforest presents

Amazon Rainforest presents: Brasil Raça e Cores (Brasil race and colors)

5th april 2015 at 5pm slt
At Amazon Rainforest
in the Manaus Opera House "Teatro Manaus"  in Manaus
formal attire please

The show will take approximately 30 minutes and brings some of Brasil's culture to sl from a classical "O Guarani by Carlos Gomes  to  popular music and dances like Aquarela do Brasil.
A show with 4 acts:
- O guarani by Carlos Gomes: Ballet dance to classical Music of Brazil
- O Trenzinho Caipira by Villa Lobos:  a country train shown in a dance
- Aquarela do Brasil by Ari Barroso: dancing Samba to regional music
- Sabor Açaí  Esse é pra dar água na boca by Nilson Chaves: dance of a regional legend (Boi Bumba).

Neiva, Ariranha, Esperantisto, Marla, Dolores, Mcpol, Carlinha, Suh, Ray

Producer and Music: DavidAngel Daviau and Mcpol Kamachi
Voice:  Prudence
Choreographer, set designer and outfits:  Mcpol Kamachi
Video: DavidAngel Daviau


Amazon Rainforest: Neiva Adored Avedon and Ariranha Brasil