Friday, April 10, 2015

La Performance presents 'Body & Soul'

=== Premiere: April 12th 2015, 2.30 pm slt ===

Apr 19th 2015
Apr 26th 2015
May 3rd 2015
May 10th 2015
May 17th 2015
May 24th 2015 – LAST

time: Sunday 2.30 pm slt

dance-theatre of La Performance Tai / Chi

dance-theatre of La Performance Mediterraneo OC

We dance:

Aretha Franklin – ‘I Say A Little Prayer’
Adele – ‘Rolling In The Deep’
Elvis Presley – ‘Always On My Mind’
Lady Gaga – ‘Applause’
Tracy Chapman – ‘Baby Can I Hold You’
Nouvelle Vague – ‘Dancing With Myself’
Seal – ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s World’
Tanita Tikaram – ‘Twist In My Sobriety’
Tony Bennet & Amy Winehouse – ‘Body And Soul’

on stage:

Alazi Sautereau, Aminata Potez, Aspen Wrigglesworth,
Bia Nikitin, EchoDancer Resident, Eva Bohemian, Falkon Wickentower,
Felicia Ibanez, Janie Broome, JenniferMay Carlucci, Jie Loon,
kennymcdee Korobase, lausard Wildcat, Line Rayna, Lulee Babenco,
marili1 Resident, Randy Thor, Ric Lyle, Sue Trallis, Zimp Rexie

set-design: Asmita Duranjaya

sponsors of this show are:

degoya Galthie - Mediterraneo
dance-theatre of La Performance Mediterraneo OC

Sally LaSalle - Tai / Chi
dance-theatre of La Performance Tai / Chi

music stream:
Sandro Sonnenblume - 2222-Server-Hosting


auster Elan (GizzA)
LeeZu Baxter (LeeZu!)

Jie Loon

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