Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DANCE QUEENS Restructuring - Update 2

DANCE QUEENS Restructuring - Update 2 (130227)

This note is an update on the changes occurring on the DANCE QUEENS Group. Please see here for the initial note and update 1.


Tiviyah Resident has decided to run for the leadership of DANCE QUEENS. She joins the DZN group (Diddy Hyun, Zhaza Zerbino and Naiki Muliaina) who decided to run previously.

If we do not get more people running, this sets up an unusual situation. I want to leave the leadership in the control of three people elected by DANCE QUEENS members. The DNZ group has said they will only serve as a group, so that means that they must win the election or they won't serve. With only one other person running, if Tiviyah wins, there will be only one leader. Since this does not meet the desire I have for three leaders, the result will be no leadership for DANCE QUEENS. Weird! So, if you are thinking of running, please let me know by 12 noon on February 28. Please send your name, a 50-word or less bio, and a 50-word or less vision to me.

All bios and vision statements will be published on February 28.


So far, six people have volunteered to manage different aspects of DANCE QUEENS. Here is the list so far:

DANCE GROUPS - Keep up to date the list of SL Dance Groups on a once a month basis or when contacted. This takes about 30 minutes a month.
Babypea (PocketPusssy Bikergrrl)
Both volunteered and I will meet with them to see if they want to work as a team or only one should do it.

DANCE CALENDAR - So far we have not found a solution for this, but there are some ideas if anyone wants to give it a try.
Babypea (PocketPusssy Bikergrrl)

DANCE SEQUENCES - This is a teaching tool aimed at beginning dancers and can require two to three hours a week to develop sequences and create the note cards.

DANCE MAKERS AND DANCE EQUIPMENT MAKERS - Keep up-to-date the list of MOCAP Dance Makers, non-MOCAP Dance and Animation Makers, Dance Equipment Makers and the Illegal Dance List.
SexyS Quintessa

NEW DANCES AND DANCE EQUIPMENT - This requires someone who can join all the MOCAP Dance Maker Groups and report every time a new dance or new/revised dance equipment is released.

SexyS Quintessa


For the Barre HUD - MarissaCloud
For Choreography - Kat Feldragonne

DANCE CENTRAL - As of March 30 I will no longer host Dance Central on my island and will no longer provide space for dance groups to practice or put on shows. Dance Central needs some attention in terms of what is there but the idea is a good one for showing people equipment, freebies, theaters and many of the tangible things of our virtual dance world.
Lorraine Jupiter

DANCE DATABASE - There are over 10,000 dances and animations in the database now which is a Microsoft Access Database. Adding new dances and animations to the database and publishing the data regularly so members can use it...
SexyS Quintessa

THE WEBSITE AND DAILY NOTICE - This is the main means of communicating with the DANCE QUEENS Group. If there are volunteers to do the items listed above, the main role will be to keep the look of the website fresh and appealing and to organize the and send the Daily Notices. This should take about 30 minutes a day.
Kat Feldragonne
Both volunteered and I will meet with them to see if they want to work as a team or only one should do it.

DANCE SHOW/GROUP PUBLICITY - This requires posting the announcements of any dance group's performance on the blog as well as keeping the list of dance websites updated and takes 0 to 30 minutes a day.
Kat Feldragonne

DANCE CURRICULUM - A nascent effort by Barbara Collazo has been made on creating a dance curriculum to have on-going classes.
Kat Feldragonne
I am talking with Barbara to find out if she wants to continue in the lead on this.

Many thanks to Marissa, Babypea, Lorraine, SexyS, Kat and LilAngels for taking on these responsibilities. I will meet with them in March to get them trained. They will join


BLOG COLUMNISTS - Yummy, Diawa Bellic

There are still responsibilities to be managed and they are:
  • DANCE MISCELLANEOUS - This includes things like keeping updated information on dance costumes and props, managing the distribution of dance freebies, answering questions on the Dance Q&A, updating the Dance Terminology and keeping up-to-date the Who's Who in Dancing. This takes maybe an hour a week.
  • DANCE CLASSES - (NOTE: Marissa will do Barre HUD classes and Kat will do Choreography, but the rest described here is still not covered.) We have had classes on many of the types of equipment used, such as the DB System, the DanceMaster and the XPOSE. We have had classes on theatrical productions. The series that Rachael Young is doing now on scripting is another example. All of these classes are aimed at developing or enhancing the skills of dancers in SL. Organizing the classes, developing the content and teaching the classes needs to be managed. This can take several hours when it's done. Also, deciding what classes are needed is part of this role and requires paying attention to new technologies and providing information on them.
  • DANCE DEMONSTRATIONS -  We have had a lot of demonstrations to help dancers see how dancing is done. Examples include Choreography Show I and Choreography Show II in which the details behind the dances were explained by the performers. Also, the series of articles on How to Switch from the Huddles to the Barre HUD and How to Put on a Dance Show are examples. These are specific 'How to ...' examples.
  • THE "HOW TO ..." LIST - The "How To ..." section of the website is intended as a reference section to help get information about specific aspects of dancing. This section needs to be managed and updated.
  • MANAGING SPECIAL PROJECTS - !. The Dance Festival, 2. The Cuties, 3. Analysis of movement and positioning systems. 

If you want to volunteer, please IM me.