Monday, February 25, 2013

Reducing Audience Scripts

Reducing Audience Scripts 130225

Guy Wardell IMd me today about problems that LPBA had with audience scripts last Saturday. Here is an edited version of our IM:

[07:51:50] Guy Wardell: good morning Nottoo
[07:53:05] Nottoo Wise: hi guy xxx
[07:53:20] Guy Wardell: is it convenient to have a brief word pls
[07:53:26] Nottoo Wise: sure
[07:53:36] Guy Wardell: thnks
[07:53:53] Guy Wardell: ok well you probably heard saturday was a disaster... we had to cancel
[07:54:04] Nottoo Wise: no
[07:54:06] Nottoo Wise: that's too bad
[07:54:09] Nottoo Wise: what happened?
[07:54:19] Guy Wardell: well SL was twitchy all day
[07:54:24] Nottoo Wise: yes i know
[07:54:51] Guy Wardell: but we have discovered LL changed our servers and now both sims are on the same server
[07:55:23] Nottoo Wise: wow
[07:55:33] Guy Wardell: yes
[07:55:37] Nottoo Wise: its a split sim? adjacent to each other?
[07:56:00] Guy Wardell: yes were are on 2 sims adjacent
[07:56:08] Guy Wardell: studio and stage 1 sim, theatre the other
[07:56:09] Nottoo Wise: wow that's not good
[07:56:41] Guy Wardell: we never had problems before but now we think that another sim on the same server can have a knock on effect
[07:57:02] Nottoo Wise: yes that seems like it would be a problem
[07:57:06] Nottoo Wise: how did u figure it out
[07:57:39] Guy Wardell: ok well if you TP and change server you get a message
[07:57:49] Guy Wardell: you will have seen that
[07:57:50] Nottoo Wise: yes i get it sometimes
[07:57:53] Guy Wardell: indeed
[07:58:01] Guy Wardell: we used to changing sims now we don't
[07:58:11] Nottoo Wise: but i thought it was a different server version
[07:58:17] Guy Wardell: so i was suspicious and tp right away to what i know is another server
[07:58:25] Nottoo Wise: like there are only a few versions
[07:58:36] Guy Wardell: well some servers are named or were anyway
[07:59:05] Guy Wardell: now when i tp from another server to either sim i get exactly the same server message
[07:59:19] Nottoo Wise: with the server name?
[07:59:23] Guy Wardell: which makes me think they are on the same server
[07:59:30] Guy Wardell: yes load of numbers lol
[07:59:35] Guy Wardell: sorry not that techy
[07:59:36] Nottoo Wise: ok
[07:59:50] Nottoo Wise: so what will you do
[08:00:29] Guy Wardell: anyway saturday sl was glitchy and we had couple real idiots in the audience wiht scripts load you would not believe and before we could eject them we poofed
[08:00:43] Nottoo Wise: awww
[08:01:21] Guy Wardell: so we have installed a new vestibule area and you can not get to the theater unless you are below a certain number of scripts and MB
[08:01:27] Guy Wardell: yesterday worked a treat
[08:01:32] Guy Wardell: 54 in the the theatre
[08:01:33] Nottoo Wise: good
[08:01:42] Nottoo Wise: a number of venues have started doing that
[08:01:46] Guy Wardell: if i may pass you a NC i am sending out to the students
[08:01:47] Nottoo Wise: great
[08:01:54] Nottoo Wise: yes plz
[08:01:57] Guy Wardell: just so you can see what we did

Here is the Notecard


Records Broken!

If there were any doubts that the LPBA could not put on a Great Show they were totally dispelled on Sunday.

We had the largest audience ever, 54 in the theatre, and the largest number of participating dancers- 27 on stage for act 4. We have raised over US$100 for the Good Cause.

We had total cooperation from a wonderful audience and the new arrivals vestibule that Lizzy made worked wonderfully.

Thank you is a little word but we all hope you know how much your tremendous dedication, loyalty and hard work is appreciated by us, your fellow students, the audience and the recipients of our Good Cause donations.

It would have been so easy to get downhearted after Saturday’s problems but we did the opposite and gave our best performance ever – a wonderful achievement.

Please take great pride in what you have all done and achieved.

With thanks and best wishes to you all,

Miss Lissa, Miss Soosy and Mr Guy



So, I asked Guy for details of what he had done and he invited me to the vestibule and showed me the details.

Here Guy, Lizzy Saintlouis and I are at the vestibule.

The audience members land at the vestibule for the show. There are two signs, a script monitor and a curtain here.

The script monitor shows the number of scripts and the memory required. Guy said it is a 150L script monitor found on SL Marketplace. It's made by Karsten Runningbear. Some of you may have the one I have made by Ales Beaumont. Both do the same thing.

The curtain has text on it describing the limits for number of scripts and memory.

Guy has written a script ([PE) Script lag gate v1.02) that prevents passage through the curtain if an avatar's script count exceeds 100 or the memory exceeds 5 MB. He donated the script to us and the script and two sign textures are in the DANCE QUEENS Free Stuff box at Dance Central with the name Audience Script Control.

Once an audience member passes through the curtain, she/he can TP to the theater. In the theater is another sign and script monitor.

Guy then ejected anyone in the theater over the limits. Fortunately, no one was ejected. The avatar script monitor I have does the ejecting automatically.

So, many thanks to both Guy and Lizzy for the details on how they have helped solve this problem.



Just after posting the above note, Clint 'Casanova' Quandry IMd me  and told about a website that tells you sim info. Check it out here. TY, Clint, xxx.