Thursday, February 28, 2013

Voting for the Leadership of Dance Queens

Voting for the Leadership of Dance Queens 130228


Two different groups of three people have submitted candidacy for the leadership of the DANCE QUEENS group.

Here are their bios and vision statements:

Didds, Zhaza, and Nai to run for prezidents. Didds and ZZ bring years of dance experience and knowledge, Nai brings Owls. We've been DQ'ers for 4+ years, have been in all festivals, most of you have seen us about.

Our vision for Dance Queens is (and always has been) too sustain a base for the dance community to work from, and to encourage, promote and support the wide variety of dance forms in SL as best we can. 

Tiviyah Resident, Bonnie Revnik and Cloe Darkfold

Tivi is both well-experienced and well-accomplished in various forms of dance in Second Life, having embraced every dance opportunity that came her way.  She has experience in organizing events and large groups of people and has a passion for helping others do what they love the best they can.

Bonnie is 5 years in SL.  Came to where she is because she loves music, dance and creativity, beauty in the EYE of the creator, hard work, love of all that inspires, big heart.  To be successful you must try and give everything you have.  All things attainable.

Cloe is not a dancer, but that is why he's a valuable member to our team.  Able to bring technical knowledge that can only come from an experienced, RL professional programmer, as well as an outsider's perspective on dance matters, Zak will be the voice of reason and the audience.

Diversity in dance is important.  We've chosen a modern dancer, a Gorean dancer, and a non-dancer to make up this well-rounded team.  All decisions made by this team will come from DISCUSSION, first with members, then among ourselves, so that each side is represented as best we can.

Voting Process

You must be a member of DANCE QUEENS on 28 February at 12 noon. All DANCE QUEENS members (569 people) who can vote have both the Dance Queen and Dance King title options. You can verify your eligibility by looking at the Group information.

To vote, do the following:

1. Send Nottoo Wise a note card with the title containing an eight-digit number followed by your name, for example 135Hd58k Nottoo Wise. Do not put any comments in the note card

2. Use the form below to vote. You can only vote once.

I (Nottoo) will verify that only DANCE QUEENS members vote. If you do not send me your note card with your eight-digit number and name, your vote will be removed at the closing date for voting. You can see the results at any time by looking here. Voting ends at 12 noon on Friday, 8 March.