Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DiversionzDance - Circus Diabolique

DiversionzDance - Circus Diabolique 130220

Dubna Rhiadra sent us this invitation ...


DiversionzDance perform "Circus Diabolique" at Danse Macabre -  LEA26

Friday February 22nd 
Performance starts at 3pm SLT

"Ladies and gentlemen allow me to direct your attention to the centre stage where you will bear witness to terrifying sights that will haunt you to the day you die....behold the Circus Diabolique and let the nightmare begin."

Be drawn into the world of the dark circus in this second dance piece by artist Fae varriale and her dance company DiversionzDance, which was created as a vehicle for marrying her love of contemporary dance with a love of creating immersive artwork.

Choreography, environment design and costume concept by Fae Varriale
Dancers Deadly Deed (dancer with Independent Ballet), Dubhna Rhiadra (founder & director of Independent Ballet, dancer with Ballet Pixelle) and Fae Varriale.

              The performance is about 30 minutes long. 
(Please do not wear heavily scripted items such as including Huddles and scripted clothing/hair. Thus will enhance your experience of the performance and also help the performers experience less lag  - thank you)