Monday, August 13, 2012

MLDU 5.5+ Released

MLDU 5.5+ Released 123

Snuma Whitfield, the creator of the couples dance HUD the MLDU, told me today about the release of the MLDU 5.5+. She has rewritten the READ ME and Start for the HUD on her blog. The MLDU 5.5+ is available on SL Marketplace. Here are some of the details ...


*** README FIRST - mldu5.5+ Introduction- ****
multi motion mldu5.5+ English
August 12, 2012
Snuma Whitfield

Thank you for your purchase of multi motion mldu5.5 + (mldu5 +).
mldu5 + provides the following functions as a base MLDU4.

● Synchronized dancing

● Dance the time difference between the play (only single motion)

● Dance shuffle in the  playlist (only single motion)

● By the note card macro, Dance couple dance, group dance (position adjustment function with Sit ball)

● Hybrid dance machine (Can be used in both automatic deformation and dance ball HUD)

The major difference between the mldu5.0 + released in July 2012 is as follows.

● The edit function note card remote, without having to open the content folder of mldu5 +,
was to be overwritten is transferred to the mldu5 + to rez from mldu5 the EditBox.
Edit the note card in it, and you want to save. Is it okay to wait until you open the folder,
rather than endlessly anymore!

● Automatic allocation feature dance groups. If the dance ball mode, guests simply touch the ball, with assignments from the detection simply by selecting the [Auto], mldu5+ have to use to allocate the best dance group has become less effective at that time.

MLDU since 2007 is continuing to evolve. Because there is a lot of features,
to learn they do not may take a long time.