Monday, August 20, 2012

New Illegal Dance Seller on Marketplace

New Illegal Dance Seller on Marketplace 120820

A DANCE QUEENS member and I had a conversation about a new illegal dance seller on SL Marketplace. I have withheld her name by her request.

Here is the conversation:

[07:37:03] DQ Member: Hi Nottoo.......I have a notecard I am going to drop on you....I am not sure that listing this on your pirated anims site might be wise yet - I have already notified Live Gears

[07:38:33] Nottoo Wise: hi DQ Member xxx
[07:38:42] Nottoo Wise: wow good detective work
[07:38:56] Nottoo Wise: live gears seems to be away from SL
[07:39:06] Nottoo Wise: so there may be a slow response
[07:39:24] DQ Member: Easy Babcock seems to have given up as well.....
[07:39:30] Nottoo Wise: yes a long time ago
[07:39:34] Nottoo Wise: and wild moo too
[07:39:39] DQ Member: and only the creators can raise a DMCA for this
[07:39:41] Nottoo Wise: can i put this on the blog
[07:39:43] Nottoo Wise: yes
[07:39:47] Nottoo Wise: but when they finally do
[07:39:54] Nottoo Wise: the people who have bought the dances lose
[07:40:15] DQ Member: my only concern about blogging might lead some into temptation so to speak
[07:40:33] Nottoo Wise: maybe but i think most people understand the risks
[07:40:40] Nottoo Wise: and oppose illegal dances
[07:41:23] DQ Member: ok... I will leave it to is by far the biggest collection I have come across
[07:41:36] Nottoo Wise: do u want me to remove ur name from this
[07:41:40] DQ Member: or can i say u found it
[07:42:46] DQ Member: I would leave my name out of it....I will be more effecient as a detective if I am undercover so to speak
[07:42:53] Nottoo Wise: ok
[07:43:04] Nottoo Wise: may i put this converstaion on the blog without ur name
[07:43:58] DQ Member: of course......:)
[07:44:04] Nottoo Wise: :-)
[07:44:07] Nottoo Wise: ty xxx
[07:48:13] DQ Member: ouch...I just calculated the cost if these were bought at L$250 each - L$ 50,750 - no wonder Easy and Live Gears have given up
[07:49:01] Nottoo Wise: yes it is a strong disincentive for dance makers


Here is the Notecard:

Hi Live - found the following:     L$370    L$0          L$0

I think you might want to get this item pulled asap - I have listed your animations below.
The pack also contains a whole lot of Easy Babcock dances and some others from various sources.
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_basicstep_14
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_116_japan02
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_123_japan01
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Funky_125_japan03
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_izmturn_15
Live Gears,S4D_Jazz_84
Live Gears,S4D_pop_128
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step01_24
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step02_25
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step03_26
Live Gears,S4D_Step04_27
Live Gears,S4D_Step05_28
Live Gears,S4D_Step06_29
Live Gears,S4D_Step07_11
Live Gears,S4D_Step_08_98
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Step_09_98
Live Gears,S4D_Step_09_99
Live Gears,S4D_Step_10_100
Live Gears,S4D_Step_12_102
Live Gears,S4D_Step_201
Live Gears,S4D_Step_202
Live Gears,S4D_Step_203
Live Gears,S4D_Step_204
Live Gears,S4D_Step_206
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Street_153
Live Gears,S4D_Street_154
Live Gears,S4D_Street_155
Live Gears,S4D_Street_156
ANUKIS Nagy,S4D_Street_157
Live Gears,S4D_Street_158
Live Gears,S4D_Street_163
Live Gears,S4D_Street_167
Live Gears,S4D_Street_169
Live Gears,S4D_Street_170
Live Gears,S4D_Street_171
Live Gears,S4D_Street_172
Live Gears,S4D_Street_173
Live Gears,S4D_Street_174
Live Gears,S4D_Street_178
Live Gears,S4D_Street_179
Live Gears,S4D_Street_180
Live Gears,S4D_Street_181
Live Gears,S4D_Street_182
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_215
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_216
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_217
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_218
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_219
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_220
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_222
Live Gears,S4D_STREET_223
Live Gears,S4D_Styling_02_136
Live Gears,S4D_Styling_08_142
Live Gears,S4D_urban_183
Live Gears,S4D_urban_184
Live Gears,S4D_urban_185
Live Gears,S4D_urban_186
Live Gears,S4D_urban_187
Live Gears,S4D_urban_189
Live Gears,S4D_urban_190
Live Gears,S4D_urban_191
Live Gears,S4D_urban_192
Live Gears,S4D_urban_193
Live Gears,S4D_urban_197
Live Gears,S4D_urban_198
Live Gears,S4D_Wakking_18
Debug Count: 69

Easy Babcock,adoration
Easy Babcock,all about me
Wild Moo,be cool
Wild Moo,beat one nr 1
Wild Moo,beatless nr 2
Easy Babcock,black cherries
Wild Moo,break down
Easy Babcock,butterscotch
Easy Babcock,candy whistle
Longranger Roeth,caramel
Easy Babcock,center of the universe
Easy Babcock,cherry pips
Easy Babcock,chewing gum
Easy Babcock,chicago
Easy Babcock,chick habit
Abramelin Wolfe,Chill Out Style
Easy Babcock,closer
Easy Babcock,crimson breeze
Easy Babcock,crystal roses
Abramelin Wolfe,Dancefloor Enticement
Easy Babcock,delicious hips
Easy Babcock,down and around
Easy Babcock,firefly
Easy Babcock,fizz
Easy Babcock,fizzy pop
Easy Babcock,flaming sambuca
Easy Babcock,flapper
Wild Moo,flip like this nr 3
Easy Babcock,foot loose
Easy Babcock,freezer
Easy Babcock,full of it
Easy Babcock,funkcicle
Easy Babcock,funky dubious
Easy Babcock,g t eye
Easy Babcock,galvanize
Easy Babcock,gimme gimme gimme
Abramelin Wolfe,Give it Up
Easy Babcock,glass eye
Easy Babcock,glitterbug
Easy Babcock,going nuts
Dave Bellman,Groove Avenger
Easy Babcock,here we go
Dave Bellman,HH freestyle  42
Easy Babcock,hola
Easy Babcock,hopscotch
Easy Babcock,hot seat
Easy Babcock,hydrogen
Easy Babcock,hyperteck
Easy Babcock,I am on fire
Easy Babcock,i feel dizzy
Easy Babcock,ice age
Easy Babcock,jack It
Easy Babcock,jammy dodger
Wild Moo,jump the riddle nr 6 ??
Wild Moo,jumping vibes
Dave Bellman,Just Arrived
ANUKIS Nagy,keep on moving
Easy Babcock,kiss my buttons
Easy Babcock,lava palaver nr 7
Wild Moo,let me think about it
ANUKIS Nagy,lets dance
DancingRobot Crosby,liquid persia
Easy Babcock,live forever
Easy Babcock,lollipop
Easy Babcock,look at me
ANUKIS Nagy,loopy
ANUKIS Nagy,lost
Easy Babcock,maple syrup
ANUKIS Nagy,May01
Easy Babcock,merry go
Easy Babcock,monty
Easy Babcock,never gonna stop
ANUKIS Nagy,no name
Easy Babcock,no way
ANUKIS Nagy,not know dance
Easy Babcock,omg
Easy Babcock,one way or another
Easy Babcock,orange squash
Easy Babcock,peaches
Easy Babcock,pendulem
Easy Babcock,peppermint
Easy Babcock,pippapot
Easy Babcock,precious morning
Easy Babcock,prowling
Wild Moo,pump the jump
Easy Babcock,red chilli sheen
Easy Babcock,release
Easy Babcock,release nr 12
Easy Babcock,rock steady
Wild Moo,rocking rio
Easy Babcock,rubber ball
Abramelin Wolfe,Seductive Twirl  - Abranimations
Easy Babcock,shake and bake
Easy Babcock,shake the maracas
Easy Babcock,shaken and stirred
Easy Babcock,shamo
Dave Bellman,Sharking
Easy Babcock,shock therapy
Easy Babcock,smashing
Easy Babcock,snake hips
Easy Babcock,sophisticat
Easy Babcock,space hopper
Easy Babcock,spellbound
Easy Babcock,spring loaded
ANUKIS Nagy,steet
Dave Bellman,Stepping Out
Easy Babcock,strawberrys and cream
Easy Babcock,sync
Easy Babcock,tap dance
Easy Babcock,technologic
Easy Babcock,techtonic
Easy Babcock,techtronic
Easy Babcock,tecktronique
Easy Babcock,this joint is jumpin
Easy Babcock,THRASH
Easy Babcock,throbing
Easy Babcock,tick tock
Easy Babcock,too much fun
Easy Babcock,tornado
Abramelin Wolfe,Touch Me -
Dave Bellman,Two and Switch
Easy Babcock,uprockin
Easy Babcock,want some
Easy Babcock,wasabi
Easy Babcock,washing machine
Easy Babcock,wavy gravy
Easy Babcock,way on high
Easy Babcock,weaving dreams
Abramelin Wolfe,wiggle dancing 1 -
Easy Babcock,windmill
Easy Babcock,wired
Easy Babcock,yeah and
Easy Babcock,Yipeeeeeeeee
Easy Babcock,zucchini
Debug Count: 134


The name of the new seller is ALOT and is run by Alotafagina Asbrink. I have included this store in the illegal dance seller list. I also forwarded the notecard to Wild Moo, Dave Bellman and Abramelin Wolfe.