Saturday, August 4, 2012

DanceMaster and Lag

DanceMaster and Lag 120804

Back in February I used the DanceMaster Pro 6 to control a dance sequence for the Choreography Show II. As I reported then, I had significant problems with lag and expressed concerns over the use of the DanceMaster Pro in laggy situations. Bryndyn Burton, the creator of the DanceMaster, and I had a follow-up conversation on the danceMaster relative to lag. Following the conversation we agreed that a test of the DanceMaster Pro would be helpful to understand how it is impacted by lag.

Today Bryndyn invited me to a production of Peter Pan put on by the LPBA. I went and saw how this group used the DanceMaster. They chose to use a split sim approach to the play ... the actrors on one sim and the audience on the second sim. They had a device visible that showed the audience the script usage of each person. This helps control server demand by the audience. There were 18 actors and 23 audience members at the max. The result ... a well done play with no lag.

So, I am now convinced that under the right conditions, the Dancenmaster Pro performs as it needs to. I was already convinced of the capabilities of the DanceMaster Pro for managing movement, positioning and dancing in a show. 

It's a complex program to learn but for you really advanced show performers, I recommend that you take a look at it.