Sunday, December 11, 2011

Replacement Dances

Replacement Dances 111211

About a month ago Linden Lab had a technical problem that caused some animations to be replaced by what are called "Replacement Dances" in which the movement is a slow turn about 120 degrees then a return to facing the front. Supposedly all of these problems were fixed, but I have found a few that remain. Normally the Replacement Dances are used by Linden Lab when an illegal dance is replaced because of a copyright infringement, but in this case it was a LL error.

Please send to me an IM of any dances that you have that you know you paid for and are now Replacement Dances. I need:
  1. The exact name of the animation
  2. The name of the creator, for example, 3FX
On Tuesday I will contact Linden Lab and give them the list. I can do this through the concierge service that is available to me because I am a sim owner, so I hope for a quick resolution.