Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Extreme Offers New Years Gift and Moves

Extreme Offers New Years Gift and Moves 111228

Extreme Batista announced the following two items today in the Extreme Group ...


Free New Year Gift!
Wed, Dec 28 2011 12:11:45 AM PST

Swing scene with 57 animations
Free for group members
Happy New Year!


We Moving to new Store!
Wed, Dec 28 2011 1:13:02 AM PST


To get the gift you must be a member of the Extreme group. It was sent as a Group Notice, but you can still get it by joining the group and going to the Group Info, Notices tab. The gift consists of a Christmas swing. Since it is a copy gift, you can remove the animations inside (57 anims - 23 Couple Positions ( Cuddles, Kissing, Sitting ) - 11 Single Positions ) and the swing will still work. The anims are in the swing and the two pillows on the swing.