Saturday, December 10, 2011

DanceMaster Demo

DanceMaster Demo 111210

On 10 December 2011 Bryndyn Burton gave a demo of the DanceMaster System. Although there is not a video fo the system in action, the conversation and questions help understand it a lot ...

I did edit the chat record to remove unrelated discussions.


[10:02:27] Bryndyn Burton: OK, well, thank you all for coming to today's demo, which I'll get started now.
[10:02:47] DM Pro: Welcome to a DanceMaster Pro demonstration!
[10:02:52] DM Pro: In this demo, you'll get to see some of the unique dance and choreography control features available with the DanceMaster Pro system.
[10:03:00] DM Pro: During the demo, all animation, movement control, and narration is being automatically handled by the DanceMaster Pro, using standard DanceMaster Pro commands.
[10:03:10] DM Pro: The entire sequence can run without manual intervention, but it can also be paused, resumed, and overriden by the owner or an authorized dance host at any time.
[10:03:20] DM Pro: For the demo, this allows Bryndyn to focus on answering questions you may have.
[10:03:35] DM Pro: At this time, please join the demo by clicking on one of the numbered pads that are part of the DanceMaster Pro hanging at the rear of the stage.
[10:03:35] DM Pro: You will be sent a dance marker near your feet with your name over it. Click on that marker to be moved into position in the initial formation for this demo, which is a half circle with everyone facing in to the center.
[10:05:14] Bryndyn Burton: If you wish to participate in the demo, click on a numbered pad in the wheel at the rear of the stage
[10:05:36] Bryndyn Burton: You may adjust your own vertical offset with your page up/down keys.

[10:07:03] Bryndyn Burton: OK, look s like everyone is about ready, so I'll let the demo proceed.
[10:07:16] DM Pro: Since everyone is ready to proceed, Bryndyn will continue the demo, which runs a ballet sequence.
[10:07:25] DM Pro: We start dancing for 15 seconds in our initial formation...
[10:07:40] DM Pro: And now the DanceMaster Pro moves us slowly in a 10 second transition to a new formation. Notice that the animation changed at the same time.
[10:07:51] DM Pro: Now that we have reached our new formation positions (two angled lines), we change to another animation.
[10:07:54] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): nice
[10:08:01] Nottoo Wise: no jumps
[10:08:06] Bryndyn Burton: Let me show you what the formation looks like...
[10:09:12] Bryndyn Burton: No, Nottoo, you cannot dance on these position markers.
[10:09:19] Bryndyn Burton: These are for display only.
[10:09:20] Nottoo Wise: i see
[10:09:24] Nottoo Wise: i reset myself
[10:09:50] Bryndyn Burton: That's OK, Kiriam, just join the machyine again.
[10:10:06] Bryndyn Burton: Click on the marker at your feet
[10:10:07] Nottoo Wise: so the sequence is in the dancemaster
[10:10:10] Nottoo Wise: and the positions
[10:10:13] Nottoo Wise: and the movement
[10:10:25] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, everything is in the DanceMaster right now.
[10:10:46] DM Pro: And now a 12-second transition that moves us into a circular formation, with everyone facing in.
[10:11:11] DM Pro: The DanceMaster can change the way dancers face for additional interest. Now every other position is facing out.
[10:11:23] DM Pro: Now we face each other in pairs around the circle, and change animations at the same time.
[10:11:27] Nottoo Wise: the difference between the dancemaster and the xpose is that u move without a jump ... very nice
[10:11:49] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: I want it
[10:11:49] Nottoo Wise: and the difference between the dancemaster and teh DB system is that u put the dances in the dancemaster instead of in ur hud
[10:11:57] Bryndyn Burton: That's not the only difference, Nottoo. You can set the time of a transition exactly.
[10:12:03] Nottoo Wise: so u can one click for a whole show
[10:12:17] Nottoo Wise: yes there r more differences of course
[10:12:21] Bryndyn Burton: You can also specify whether transition move in straight or curved lines, and the amount of curve.
[10:12:23] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): sounds less sressful
[10:12:40] Nottoo Wise: the stress is in setting it up
[10:12:48] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, the system can be run fully automatically. But manual intervention is always available, because things happen.
[10:12:49] Nottoo Wise: not during the show
[10:12:50] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): but is it easy for a gal like myself
[10:12:57] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): that was my thought too Nottoo
[10:13:02] DM Pro: And we continue to change animations and the way we face...
[10:13:05] Lorraine Jupiter: are the positionings built in, or do you make them by sliding those circles around?
[10:13:40] Bryndyn Burton: There are built-in formations as examples, but you normally define your own. There are a variety of tools provided to help with this.
[10:13:48] DM Pro: Until we begin a long, 20-second transition into a new formation.
[10:14:08] DM Pro: This is a triple line formation, with another animation change.
[10:14:19] Nottoo Wise: very neat i must say
[10:14:39] Kiriam MacIntyre: nice formation changes
[10:14:39] Lorraine Jupiter: everyone does exactly the same dance?
[10:14:43] DM Pro: Now we move slowly into one long line across the stage.
[10:14:54] Bryndyn Burton: No, in fact you will see some differences in a moment.
[10:14:58] DM Pro: And now we move slowly into a V formation which will have a soloist in the middle
[10:15:23] Nottoo Wise: u can also use ur HUD if u want
[10:15:24] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): can you make 1/2 of us move one way 1/2 the ohter?
[10:15:30] Bryndyn Burton: Actually, Nottoo, can I ask you to stand up and select position #12?
[10:15:49] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, Cilla, you'll see something like that in a moment.
[10:15:56] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): k
[10:16:09] Bryndyn Burton: Now into another formation
[10:16:13] DM Pro: We all strike a pose while the soloist dances alone...
[10:16:25] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): wow
[10:16:28] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: nice
[10:16:38] DM Pro: And now we join in behind the soloist, but with a different animation.
[10:16:39] Lorraine Jupiter: could we be clapping or moving?
[10:16:50] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): i'm gonna cry
[10:16:51] Bryndyn Burton: Sure, any animations can be used.
[10:16:52] Nottoo Wise: what is the max distance u can be from the dancemaster
[10:16:59] DM Pro: Finally, we move into the last formation of this demo...
[10:17:05] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): this is beautiful Bryn
[10:17:14] DM Pro: And we take our bows (the outer ring starts first)
[10:17:46] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): hugs
[10:17:46] Bryndyn Burton: And that is the end of the little ballet sequence...
[10:17:49] Nottoo Wise: very nice
[10:17:53] Lorraine Jupiter: lovely
[10:17:58] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: I love it
[10:17:59] DM Pro: The performance demo has concluded, and the DanceMaster Pro is clearing everyone from the machine.
[10:18:00] DM Pro: Thank you for your interest! The DanceMaster Pro is available for purchase from the store vendor on the ground floor of this building.
[10:18:00] Nottoo Wise: this is the first system to give u total control in one system
[10:18:05] DM Pro: Talk with Bryndyn about what size system may be best for your needs.
[10:18:06] Kiriam MacIntyre: pretty awesome
[10:18:10] DM Pro: And remember that every DanceMaster comes with a 30-day full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason during that time.
[10:18:20] Nottoo Wise: tell us about rezzing objects bryndyn
[10:18:30] Bryndyn Burton: lol, OK, one question at a time...
[10:18:57] Bryndyn Burton: First, Nottoo, you can be very far from the DanceMaster. Hundreds of meters at least.
[10:20:05] Nottoo Wise: so the dances can be more than 20 M apart?
[10:20:06] Bryndyn Burton: This current version does not support object rezzing, but the next one (which will be out in a week or two) will allow you to have the DanceMaster Pro rez arbitrary objects at formation positioins.
[10:20:51] Lorraine Jupiter: :O
[10:20:57] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, the dancers can be very far apart. A DanceMaster was used in Tombstone recently for the longest line dance in SL... almost 100 meters long.
[10:21:00] Kiriam MacIntyre: Can this be used for simple movement of one person from one location to another on a set?
[10:21:24] Bryndyn Burton: Yes. You can use it to change animation at the start of a move, for example, to a walking motion.
[10:21:31] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: will this one be updated or do we need to wait?
[10:21:44] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): I want to create a dance "The Stroll" 2 side lines that a couple moves up and dances down the middle.
[10:21:59] Bryndyn Burton: Updates are free... you need to come to the store to pick up an updater object.
[10:22:00] Lorraine Jupiter: omg that's exactly what I want
[10:22:08] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): but the couple is dancing a different dance
[10:22:22] Kiriam MacIntyre: Nice Cilla
[10:22:32] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, Cilla. The Pro allows you to assign different animations to different positions.
[10:22:35] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): only nice if I can't figure it out
[10:22:43] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): this sounds too perfect
[10:22:46] Kiriam MacIntyre: lol
[10:22:51] Bryndyn Burton: lol
[10:23:01] Lorraine Jupiter: do you know of any animation that has The Stroll feet?
[10:23:05] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: is there a way we can see the instructions?
[10:23:06] Kiriam MacIntyre: so it goes from simple to complex positioning
[10:23:26] Bryndyn Burton: It is designed to be comprehensive, Cilla... I want this to really be the ultimate dance and performance system in SL.
[10:23:52] Nottoo Wise: i dont lorraine
[10:24:02] Bryndyn Burton: There is a lot of different documentation, Charlotte. All in notecards.
[10:24:04] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): Lorraine.. I'll give you the list of dances I've selected so far
[10:24:17] Nottoo Wise: i have one
[10:24:17] Lorraine Jupiter: hugs!
[10:24:21] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): and YouTubes Bryn
[10:24:25] Lorraine Jupiter: you have the stroll???
[10:24:26] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): any
[10:24:26] Bryndyn Burton: There are detailed reference manuals, quick reference guides, some step-by-step tutorials, etc.
[10:24:26] Nottoo Wise: and id say it is like learning the huddles hud
[10:24:49] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: does it have anything about X,Y and Z in the instructions or any math?
[10:25:00] Kiriam MacIntyre: good documentation and customer service is vital for me
[10:25:04] Lorraine Jupiter: if you have the stroll walk, I'm buying this right now
[10:25:29] Kiriam MacIntyre: lol Lorraine
[10:26:04] Bryndyn Burton: Good documentation and customer service are vital for me as well. I can give you some references, if you would like.
[10:26:05] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): does this work at any location or do we need to redue the coordinates at each club??

[10:26:34] Bryndyn Burton: You do not need to redefine all the formations when you move to a new location.
[10:27:07] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): Bryn.. that would be amazing
[10:27:10] Bryndyn Burton: Unless your performance needs to face a different direction. However, I've even fixed that problem in the next update.
[10:27:16] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): oh
[10:27:24] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): kool
[10:27:31] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): so how much?
[10:27:36] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): for the new one?
[10:27:48] Bryndyn Burton: In the next version, you'll be able to change a single direction number in a notecard, and reorient an entire performance.
[10:28:06] Bryndyn Burton: The next version is the same price as the current version, it will be a free update.
[10:28:24] Kiriam MacIntyre: and what is the price of the current version please?
[10:28:57] Bryndyn Burton: Prices vary with the size of the system (number of dancers supported). Smallest system for 6 dancers is $2500.
[10:29:20] Bryndyn Burton: Largest system for 36 dancers is $11000.
[10:29:39] Bryndyn Burton: Available sizes are 6, 12, 24, and 36 maximum dancers.
[10:29:46] Kiriam MacIntyre: what are the numbers of the dancers on each system?
[10:29:47] Nottoo Wise: i put one at dance central along with the DB system and the xpose so u can see all three
[10:29:48] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): my one concern is .. I use my Huddles to dance grops.. and if my dances are not all copy . then I"M in trouble.
[10:29:58] Bryndyn Burton: But any system can be configured to use fewer than its maximum.
[10:30:23] Lorraine Jupiter: I'll pay 11000 just for the stroll
[10:30:25] Bryndyn Burton: Cilla, you should also be able to use the DanceMaster with your Huddles.
[10:30:35] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): oh?
[10:30:39] Nottoo Wise: yes u can i have done it
[10:30:43] Nottoo Wise: done
[10:30:51] Bryndyn Burton: You can still control dancers animations with other devices, even while they are on the DanceMaster.
[10:31:03] Nottoo Wise: just keep in mind dance priorities
[10:31:13] Kiriam MacIntyre: so you can move with DM but dance on Huddles?
[10:31:34] Bryndyn Burton: Yes. The DanceMaster Pro comes with a free, low-priority "neutral" animation that can be overriden by anything else.
[10:31:58] Kiriam MacIntyre: but still move you yes?
[10:32:08] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, Kiriam. However, when you do so, you lose the ability to have the DanceMaster Pro automatically synchronize animation changes with movement.
[10:32:31] Kiriam MacIntyre: ah
[10:32:44] Kiriam MacIntyre: does DM only use copy dances then?
[10:33:13] Bryndyn Burton: But skilled dancers/performers could probably handle it. Or you could have the DanceMaster control some animations, for part of the performance where sync was crucial.
[10:33:46] Kiriam MacIntyre: would there be a noticable switch?
[10:33:57] Bryndyn Burton: The DanceMaster can use copy or no copy animations. It only requires one copy of an animation to use with all dancers.
[10:34:16] Kiriam MacIntyre: nods
[10:34:23] Bryndyn Burton: Kiriam, it would depend on the choice of animations, timing, many factors.
[10:35:00] Kiriam MacIntyre: I recently needed to end my routine with me stopping the dance... turning and walking to a bus
[10:35:08] Kiriam MacIntyre: can DM do that?
[10:35:36] Bryndyn Burton: Sure, I don't see any reason why not... with appropriate animations.
[10:35:51] Kiriam MacIntyre: it was hella hard to do manually
[10:36:10] Bryndyn Burton: When you specify a formation transition, you can set up to 4 different things:
[10:36:19] Bryndyn Burton: 1) how long the transition takes
[10:36:34] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): can you DEMO us you setting say 3 moves
[10:36:41] Bryndyn Burton: 2) how much of a circular curve the path follows to the next location
[10:36:58] Bryndyn Burton: 3) how your avi faces *during* the transition
[10:37:15] Bryndyn Burton: 4) which formation positioins are affected by the transition.
[10:37:37] Kiriam MacIntyre: so after the dance stopped for instance
[10:37:46] Kiriam MacIntyre: I could "walk" in DM
[10:37:54] Kiriam MacIntyre: to the next location
[10:38:04] Kiriam MacIntyre: use a walk alnim and be moved?
[10:38:06] Kiriam MacIntyre: -l
[10:38:28] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): if it could do the stroll it can do a walk
[10:38:31] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, the transition would specify how long you wanted to be alking, whether in straight line/curved, to face the line of direction of movement while moving.
[10:38:51] Kiriam MacIntyre: YAY! (yay!)
[10:39:06] Bryndyn Burton: The choice of animation is separate from the transition. In fact, you could change animation *during* a transition if appropriate.
[10:39:28] Nottoo Wise: how sensitive is the DM to large groups of people ... lag
[10:39:40] Kiriam MacIntyre: oh good question Nots
[10:39:55] Bryndyn Burton: It has some anti-lag features built in a variety of ways.
[10:40:37] Kiriam MacIntyre: you have this at Dance central you said Nots?
[10:40:44] Nottoo Wise: yes
[10:40:50] Nottoo Wise: a six person version
[10:40:54] Nottoo Wise: out of the box
[10:40:57] Nottoo Wise: but it works
[10:41:05] Kiriam MacIntyre: and it is open for anyone to play witlh?
[10:41:08] Nottoo Wise: sure
[10:41:10] Bryndyn Burton: For example, transition movement calculates where you *should* be at any point in time during the transition. If for some reason lag holds you up briefly, the calculation automatically places you in the right position to catch up and still end at the right place at the right time.
[10:41:15] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): so next it will rez stages for us too?
[10:41:48] Bryndyn Burton: No, it will not be rezzing stages, unless you want to make  separate formation for that...
[10:42:02] Nottoo Wise: i think it will bryndyn
[10:42:12] Nottoo Wise: if u can make the stage a copyable object
[10:42:19] Bryndyn Burton: The intent of the new rezzing feature is to rez objects during performance for performers to use at their formation locations.
[10:42:36] Nottoo Wise: what many of us do is rezz a stage or set for a scene
[10:42:41] Bryndyn Burton: Things like chairs, poles, etc.
[10:42:47] Nottoo Wise: after the scene we rezz another
[10:43:09] Nottoo Wise: a set is like a chair in that it is a linked object
[10:43:13] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): couldn't you rez a stage the same as being like rezing a chair. hmm
[10:43:20] Nottoo Wise: yes
[10:43:20] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): hehe
[10:43:21] Bryndyn Burton: I understand, Nottoo. But I'm sure there are excellent tools already out there that can do that.
[10:43:23] Nottoo Wise: hahahaha
[10:43:39] Nottoo Wise: but the advantage here is that u can do it on a time schedule
[10:43:41] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): yes if we buy extra
[10:43:55] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): and have an extra hud
[10:43:56] Nottoo Wise: so one click and u can do the entire performance
[10:44:14] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): deaming
[10:44:14] Bryndyn Burton: The DanceMaster Pro can control any chat-controlled object during performance as well.
[10:44:26] Kiriam MacIntyre: if there is a way to make it do it... Nots will find it
[10:44:29] Nottoo Wise: so u can do poofers?
[10:45:00] Nottoo Wise: particles i mean
[10:45:05] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): can you give us a demo of you setting up 3 moves maybe?
[10:45:13] Bryndyn Burton: Any object that can be controlled by unencrypted chat commands can be given those commands during a performance sequence by the DanceMaster Pro.
[10:45:27] Nottoo Wise: i like that
[10:46:02] Nottoo Wise: u also used the DM for chat
[10:46:07] Nottoo Wise: is that timed also
[10:46:34] Bryndyn Burton: The DanceMaster Pro provided chat during the demo you saw for the audience.
[10:46:42] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, it can be timed as well.
[10:46:51] Nottoo Wise: so u can have a script read out on schedule
[10:47:03] Kiriam MacIntyre: oh... emotes?
[10:47:05] Bryndyn Burton: The Pro can also deliver prompts via IM during performance to some or all performers.
[10:47:16] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[10:47:16] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: cool
[10:47:28] Nottoo Wise: like Nottoo ur underwear isnt on
[10:47:34] Kiriam MacIntyre: lmao
[10:47:35] Bryndyn Burton: And again, those can be timed/synced with everything else.
[10:47:42] Kiriam MacIntyre: nice!!
[10:47:50] Kiriam MacIntyre: that happened to one of our dancers last night
[10:47:55] Kiriam MacIntyre: she was mortified
[10:48:14] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): so this creates only ONE person is creating/controling the WHOLE show.. ? where would this put DD, Bubbs, Jam as dance creaters?
[10:48:37] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: I think we have all danced without pants at one time
[10:48:43] Nottoo Wise: i think u can still choreograph by many people but one person puts it in the DM
[10:49:11] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): that puts all the cost on that one person
[10:49:27] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): they would have to buy ALL the dances
[10:49:30] Nottoo Wise: choreography is not clicking the button but all the creativity that occurs when the button is clicked
[10:49:41] Nottoo Wise: yes thats true
[10:49:44] Nottoo Wise: hahaha
[10:49:50] Bryndyn Burton: Cilla, I think it simply gives you options that you did not have before... You don't have to use all the options.
[10:49:52] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): that was my point
[10:49:53] Nottoo Wise: but most show dancers have stopped worrying about cost
[10:50:07] CHARLOTTEMARIE Tigerpaw: unless it is transfer dances ,corrrect?
[10:50:45] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): some might should worry
[10:50:49] Nottoo Wise: u should make a group DM
[10:50:53] Cilly (cilla.teebrook) raises hand
[10:50:59] Nottoo Wise: so group memebrs can all add to it and control it
[10:51:01] Bryndyn Burton: Yes, Cilla?
[10:51:22] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): I'm ok . thank Bryn
[10:51:42] Bryndyn Burton: You asked earlier about ... something about setting upp 3 moves?
[10:51:43] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): yes . .a group invite would be nice.
[10:52:06] Kiriam MacIntyre: can the dancers be on different height levels?
[10:52:20] Bryndyn Burton: Yes.
[10:52:52] Kiriam MacIntyre: and honest opinion... how difficult would you say this system is to master?
[10:53:53] Bryndyn Burton: An honest answer... this is not a simple system. You can learn to use it very quickly to do simple things. It takes time to master it, and practice, just like any sophisticated tool.
[10:54:06] Nottoo Wise: i have learned the Hudles, the INTAN, the XPOSE, the TIS hybrid, the DB system, the Barre, the Fleursoft and about 6 more HUDs
[10:54:11] Nottoo Wise: its like them
[10:54:17] Nottoo Wise: and once u start it makes sense
[10:54:20] Nottoo Wise: it just takes time
[10:54:38] Bryndyn Burton: I would not recommend buying it for use in a performance a few days later.
[10:54:55] Kiriam MacIntyre: well you are far more advanced than I am Nots... lol
[10:55:08] Bryndyn Burton: Although that has been done, and people have been very successful.
[10:55:33] Kiriam MacIntyre: I Just want to know that the documentation is there to make learning it as efficient as possible
[10:55:55] Bryndyn Burton: And I am always available to answer questions. lol, Kiriam, there is a *lot* of docuemntation, at varying levels.
[10:56:23] Kiriam MacIntyre: we are a rather tough group to please
[10:56:26] Kiriam MacIntyre: lol
[10:56:34] Kiriam MacIntyre: we want it to do EVERYTHILNG
[10:56:59] Bryndyn Burton: lol, I'd like it to do everything, too... but there are scripting limits, and other issues.
[10:57:00] Nottoo Wise: hahha true
[10:57:24] Kiriam MacIntyre: sometimes I just want to jump inside my AV and move myself
[10:57:49] Kiriam MacIntyre: I get frustrated when I have a great idea and can't make it happen
[10:57:56] Bryndyn Burton: That will probably happen someday, Kiriam, and in the not-too-distant future.
[10:58:21] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): giggles
[10:58:28] Nottoo Wise: bryndyn ty for the demo and time
[10:58:30] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): shivvers
[10:58:38] Kiriam MacIntyre: lol... envisions everyone sitting at their computer wearing an animation suit
[10:58:44] Naiki Muliaina: Thankya Bryn
[10:58:46] Bryndyn Burton: yvw. Thank you everyone for your interest, and for coming today :-)
[10:58:53] Lorraine Jupiter: thank you
[10:58:57] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): bows to your Bryndyn..
[10:59:03] Cilly (cilla.teebrook): i appreciate it
[10:59:05] Kiriam MacIntyre: oh.. where is this for sale?
[10:59:10] Bryndyn Burton: I'll be available for questions any time.