Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Making the Line Dancer with the MPC System

Making the Line Dancer with the MPC System 111229

I was searching on SL Marketplace for something and came across the !Hironic - MPC Box. I had heard of it before as an alternate way to move avatars in a show. It is used mainly for controlling poses in furniture and is a competitve product to the XPOSE. I bought it for 2000 L and took a look at it. I will have to say the instuctions are not easy to understand, but eventually I figured it out. Here is what it does for dancing:
  • Controls multiple avatars so that they can dance individually or in sync
  • Controls couples dancing
  • Moves avatars to specified positions instantly on a click
In this way it is very similar to the XPOSE without the ability to rezz items. It lacks the ability to move avatars from one position to another over time (like the DB System and DanceMaster) and cannot do sequenced choreography. It also is not a competitor to the INTAN or TIS Hybrid since it doesnt rezz couples pose balls anywhere on demand.

It does have one very good feature. Once you make an object with the MPC system, you can sell it or give it away. So, I decided to make a simple thing I call the DANCE QUEENS - Line Dancer and give it away so you can see how it works. You can get it at Dance Central in the Free Stuff Box. It is copy transfer.

Here is what I did. I put in 33 dances that are both copy and transfer. These are from the DANCE QUEENS Freebie Dance Pack. I then followed the instructions to make a line of up to five avatars all facing the same direction. Each avatar can dance individually or can dance in sync. I didnt use the feature that controls couples dancing since I think it is of limited usefulness. Other products do this better.

Try the Line Dancer to see if you like the capabilities of it. Just rezz it and sit on it to get a menu. If you buy the MPC system, I can help you with the basics.

In the next month or so I plan to review the options for controlling show dancing. These include the DB System, DanceMaster, XPOSE, and the MPC sustem. I expect the MPC system will be the least capable of the choices available, but the option of inexpensively making salable or give-away products is a real benefit.