Thursday, December 29, 2011

Database Update 1

Database Update 1 (111229)

The database is online now with over 6000 anims listed. Of course the database is incomplete. There are many anims and dances not in it and I will add them when I learn about them. If you have a list of dances or anims that are not in the database, send it to me.

There is also a lot of incomplete information in the database. Mainly this is classifying dances and anims into CATEGORIES and STYLES. Some work is underway on this. Psyche Lunasea and I are working on classifying the couples dances and should finish in early January. Once we finish, I will update the listing and you can see our work and hopefully correct our mistakes.

You can help. If you are knowledgeable of a specific style of dance, help us identify dances that fit that style. Today, Halfpint Raymaker sent me links to four videos of Chicago Stepping. This will help us learn what that specific style is. Hopefully, Half will serve as an expert on Chicago Stepping and help us with identifying dances that fit that STYLE.

The reason for all this is to help us know which anims may best fit our needs. Today an example of this was discussed in the Group IM. Deb Heron was looking for Tribal - American Indian dances. Although I had not identified American Indian dances, they certainly are a STYLE that fits into the Traditional CATEGORY. Lotus Mandel provided a list, which was shared on the group IM. I will add her list to the database so all of us can see it in the next update.

You can see the classification of dances and anims by looking in the upper right of the blog and clicking on Dance Categories-Styles.