Sunday, May 1, 2022

May 2022 Raffle


 MAY DQ RAFFLE PRIZE: Floating World Choreography Assistant

    Sponsored by Sarabande Theater

    Steve Ruhig, Director

    The FW Choreography Assistant allows you to quickly audition

    a large number of animations  and it will give you the ones

    you want to use. They are copied to your inventory, either 

    individually as you audition them or bundled into their own

    folder. You can easily see your new copies in the Recent tab 

    of your inventory. 

    The HUD displays 20 animations per page and you can

    page through your collection quickly.

    Best of all, because it's a HUD you can easily detach it 

    without having to rez it or worrying about innumerable 

    duplicates showing up in your inventory or trash.

Thank you Sarabande!

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