Tuesday, May 3, 2022

FF-The ChangHigh Trinity Sisters of Light, Life and Love

Saturday  7 May, 10 am SLT

 The  ChangHigh  Trinity Sisters of Light, Life and Love

YOU ARE INVITED - Every human being has the right to live in the best possible way, and even unforeseen circumstances affect many with pain, discomfort and depression, they deserve help.
WE are all here tonight to support the people in their efforts to achieve a cure for their disease
So please share your light of love and support the American Cancer Society
12 years  support unconditionally, to help people touched by cancer..

We do fire dancing in rotating trapezes, on rolling balls, on elephant and high tight wire, all spiced with some of SLs best effects, the virtual pyrotechnic firework. We do Chinese acrobatic as a trio, and the show is create to inspire and enlighten the cosmic  consciousness of the audience, together with some of this world best music from musicians well known, both from SL and RL.

Special instructions/dress code if one:
Natural: . Come with love in heart, mind, spirit, soul and personality.
DJ: Avantgarde Frequency