Thursday, May 26, 2022



Saturday 28th May 2022, 1pm SLT The Trophy Room

Please come and join Debauche as we visit one of our favourite venues. The Trophy Room is the location and we are so looking forward to dancing here

Spectacular new routine as well

Sexy, Little bit naughty but always classy, that's Debauche

 After party also, please come formal wear but low scripts as possible
 Saturday 28 May, 1pm SLT, The Trophy Room


Sunday 29th May at the Debauche home theatre. Audience request and dance, 12.30pm slt

Please come to our home theatre and join in the fun as Debauche invite you to a special Spring request and dance it. These events are so special because you are the ones dancing your favourite Debauche routines.
 That's right you simply request a routine, gather your friends or people from the audience, hop on the stage and then you show us your talents by dancing them 

For all who are not sure which dance to request.. Let me help you by scrolling through the list on the Debauche Website

Please look through the website for it's truly amazing and really keeps you up to date with everything Debauche related

Any further ideas you may have for the website then please get in touch with our lovable and the one and only Robot who looks good in black "ℛ." (R.Dismantle)

These events are very popular

Sunday 29th May 12.30pm slt,  Your Chance to shine