Monday, May 23, 2022

Amazon Dancers Present Innovation Circus

 Thursday 26th May at 5pm slt

Amazon Dancers

Innovation Circus was conceived from a different idea of shows already shown in second life, performed by Amazon Dancers group. Not just a dance show, but a circus soul show. Cheerful and fun.
This show has been working since December (2017), due to its complexity with effects, animations etc and general assembly.
It also has special participation of : Felipe and Moon

Amazon Dancers: Analoon, Bomxxx, Dani, Elizabeth, Luana,  Mcpol, Monterigi, Neiva, Reinah, Luciana, Esperantisto, Lavinia, Eva, Zaninha, Lola

The show lasts 85 minutes divided into 8 acts
1- presentation
2- clowns and ribbons
3- monkeys
4- pole
5- trapeze
6- magician and toreator
7- steampunk
8- forest

Choreography and music: mcpol kamachi
Costumes and scenaries: Neiva, bomxxx and mcpol
Voice: Monterigi
Director of lighting: bomxxx
Stage Directors: Esperantisto
Dressing room: Reinah

Thank you to all of the Amazon Dancers group  Without them this show would not be possible For best visualization I´m asking you all  to switch off Tags, Aos and scripts. Thank you so much for coming and have a good show!

DressCode is Casual or circus outfit

For the best viewing experience we ask you all to turn off Name Tags in Preferences and also turn off or remove your Ao's and scripts to help reduce lag. Thank you.