Friday, September 27, 2019

Two Debauche shows this weekend

Saturday Sept 28 2019 1PM SLT

Thought would share words from Candy.. Trophy Room owner

Debauche is like a special  treat, rare & fine!
To be savoured, like an elusive, expensive wine
Always full of flavour and delights,
With lots of wonderful, memorable sights
Bold dramatic dances, cause one to  gasp, oh boy!
Others, so tender, almost make you weep for joy!

Please wear Formal or semi forms LOW SCRIPTS

Debauche at the Trophy Room 28th September 1pm slt

Come see the show


Sunday Sept 29 2019 1PM SLT

Erin Gobraghless was one of the kindest, most happiest and just a sheer joy to been around person who sadly past away last year

Always a smile, always had that knack of making gloomiest of days shine brightly. She will always be remembered by Debauche. Please join us as we dance routines she liked and some full out fun as Debauche remembers our Erin

Sunday 29th September @ the Erin Gobraghless theatre 1pm slt

Come see the show