Monday, September 9, 2019

Let's Dance Classes for September

Good news, everyone... Elayn has more classes for us!

For the month of September, I've had LOTS of people asking for Basics classes including the MST Show Tools now that the new updates are stable! So in September I'll be offering classes 2 nights a week; Tuesdays at the Dance Queens Classroom on the Spot On dance tools and Thursdays on the MST (MetaHarper) Show Tools, at the MST Immersive Theater & Stageworks Tech Platform. Both nights are 4 pm SLT till 5 pm SLT with time after for help and chat.

Please NOTE: You don't need to be an experienced dancer BUT you should be confident in basic building skills such as rezzing prims, resizing prims, link/unlink, and adding, deleting in the content tab and editing notecards in Contents. If you don't have these skills now, please speak with Elayn about learning them BEFORE class.

If you do not have the suggested tools before class, you are still welcome to come and observe.
** All Classes are LiveCast using Zoom. This is optional to participate in class. 
The Zoom conference is here:

Tuesdays: Spot On 

-->Sept 3  4 - 5 pm SLT
Spot On Stage Manager - We will look at the uses of the stage manager and learn how to pack, rez and travel with our show set. We will also learn how to set up our practice site to make traveling even easier!

Suggested Tools for class: Stage Manager Rezzer 

-->Sept 10  4 - 5 pm SLT
Using Animations - We will look at the Smooth Dancer and Performance Director HUDS  to learn to create our animation sequences for show performances.

Suggested Tools for class: Smooth Dancer or Performance Director HUD and some dance animations

-->Sept 17  4 - 5 pm SLT
Moving around the Stage - Movers and the Choreography Designer. We'll learn how to make a basic mover route and some simple tricks to make that route look great!

Suggested Tools for class: Spot On Choreography Design System

-->Sept 24  4 - 5 pm SLT
Pulling it all together! - Using the Performance Director to bring all the individual elements of animations, Movement and Effects together into one timeline sequence to perform a show.

Suggested Tools for class - Performance Director HUD


Thursdays: MST Show Tools

The suggested Tools to purchase for this class is the MetaHarper Show Tools 6.1.13
All of the tools used in this class series are included in this one package!

-->Sept 5  4-5 pm SLT
Performance Engine - We will learn to set the stage location at your practice area and at the dance venue quickly and easily. Then we will learn to pack the stage and set in the rezzer for easy set up at the show.

-->Sept 12  4-5 pm SLT
Dance Choreo HUD Solo - We will learn how to create an animation sequence using the Solo HUD. Please have some dance animations ready to load and play with!

-->Sept 19  4-5 pm SLT
Moving around the Stage - We will learn to create a simple movement sequence using the Movers included in the MST package.

-->Sept 26  4-5 pm SLT
Pulling it all Together - Let's pull all the parts together to create a great Show Set! We will use the Performance Engine to play our Event Timeline including rezzing the set, playing the Mover sequence, playing our Animation Sequence and setting off our special effects!