Sunday, September 8, 2019


Shadows Silhouette Dancers_148

Sad news from Aubs... Shadow Tarber has passed in RL. Memorial plans to be determined later.
Shadow is the Director/Lead Dancer for the Shadows Silhouette Dancers and a dancer in SL for 9 years. I once asked her why she dances and she replied. " I dance because I'm addicted. I love taking an idea or a concept or a song and fleshing it out for others to see. I always hope that I get the point across to an audience, to make them feel what I feel when I'm performing.I can't imagine my second life without it now!"

Condolences to her many friends in the Dance Family and Second Life and everywhere.


  1. Shadow was one of the first people to help me to really delve into the nitty gritty of the Spot On dance tools. She, with Martin, were always ready to entertain another of my crazy "Can this work?" or "How can I do this?" questions. I've loved dancing with her in various troupes and will miss her sorely. Dance on, my friend, dance on....

  2. ...oh, I just remembered, it was Shadow who invited me to put my very first set on stage at her show with the Silhouettes.. thank you Shadow for addicting me too.

  3. I saw the ShadowSilhouette show and became fond of show dance.
    Thank you, Shadow Tarber