Saturday, September 7, 2019

SLDC Fall Showcase 2019

SLDC Fall Showcase 2019
12:00 noon SLT.  The date is September 15.
Only one performance!

"Maybe it doesn’t feel like fall is in the air.  The leaves are still on the trees.  Air conditioners remain on.  American football has yet to produce its annual crop of football widows.  But the fall season of the Spirit Light Dance Company (SLDC) has definitely opened!

On Sunday, September 15, the SLDC will present its “Fall Showcase 2019” performance.  Members of the company will offer nine of their own artistic expressions, with dances covering the full range of styles, experiences, and emotions.  Choreographers: Caryl Meredith, Charm March, Hanna Mixemup, Keko Heckroth, Kiran Sporg, Redorange Magic, and Wyvern Blazewood.

Each dance has been choreographed by members of the company, usually after lengthy instruction by Caryl Meredith, professional dancer extraordinaire and Artistic Director of the SLDC. This is the moment when all the preparation is put on full public display—each choreographer ‘goes live’ with his or her creation.  It is a labor of love for everybody.  The choreographers, the dancers, and the people behind the scenes donate their time and energy to create artistic moments that reveal their creativity, their emotions, and as always, a little about themselves.  It isn’t easy fusing technology and dance, but the results lead to uplifting, sensual, and moving encounters with an other-worldly experience that won’t quickly be forgotten.

Note that the venue is different.  The performance will take place in the Hacienda Theater.
Only one performance so we expect a crowd. Come early to insure seating.  Please Keep your Scripts 50 or under... Thank You

The showtime is 12:00 noon SLT.  The date is September 15.

Come see the show