Saturday, January 12, 2019

Performer invitation to Fantasy Faire 2019

Performer invitation to Fantasy Faire 2019

It is that time of year when magic wake again. Growing under the frosted covers, the Faire Lands are slowly starting to come alive in this years incarnations.
And we want YOU to come and help bring them to life.

If you and your group of dancing friends have a soft spot for magic and fantasy and would like to share your performances with the Faire travelers, the Fantasy Faire is looking to fill a 10-day long program of Festivities and we would love to have YOU join us!

Dance, theater, particle shows or other kind of performances are all welcome to apply. What we ask is that it follows the general Faire rules and has a "fantasy theme".

Fantasy Faire is a Relay for Life charity event that happens yearly in SL in the later part of April. It keeps setting records each year and is one of the biggest events that occur in SL.
Want to know more about Fantasy Faire? Check this link of what we were up to previous years:

The blog site will be updated shortly to prepare for this year's celebrations.

This year the general program of the Fantasy Faire will be set between April 18th and April 28th.


Fill out this form and return to Aelva Resident by February the 28th.
Hope to see you at the Faire!

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Group/ Performer name:

Number of performers:
(A full list of participating performers will be asked for later.)

Show Name:

Show theme:

Show length:
(We are looking for shows at about 1 hour. )

DJ name:


Tell us a little about you:

Links to blog, facebook, flickr:

Show days and times you would like to perform, in SL time:

(If you want to do more than one show, that is great, fill in all options
possible and we will try to fit everybody in as best we can. Keep in mind that the weekend times have some major Faire events too and are usually popular in demand.)

Thursday April 18th:

Friday April 19th:

Saturday April 20th:

Sunday April 21st:

Monday April 22nd:

Tuesday April 23rd:

Wednesday April 24th:

Thursday April 25th:

Friday April 26th:

Saturday April 27th:

Sunday April 28th:

Anything else you would like us to know? Fill in below:

Send a copy of this notecard to Aelva Resident, no later than February 28th to apply. Don´t forget to change the title of the notecard to include your group's name so I can find you in inventory:)

Hope to see you at the Faire!