Tuesday, January 15, 2019

*NEW* DQ Challenge Show Sign Ups

Sign ups are now open for our new challenge show! Here's details:
The show is Saturday, April 20th 2019 @1pm SLT
Rehearsals are Sun April 14th 10am and 6pm SLT

You will pick a number between 1 and 30.  That number will correlate to someone in history.  You may not like the person you get.  You may know little to nothing about the person.  Your challenge is to research that person a bit, visit Google and Wikipedia, then create a dance inspired by that person.  The dance does NOT have to be that person's history!  It does NOT have to tell that person's story.  It can simply be a dance that conveys that person's attitude, or one that expresses that person's essence or impact on history and life, it can simply convey how that person makes you feel... it is entirely up to you how you choose to express that person.  No changing who your person is... this is a challenge, so no swapsies.  Good luck!  Have fun with it.


  • Sign up cards are in the Dance Queens Info Center in the poster with the above image. Please contact Web Sass to choose your number and receive your historic figure then submit your card with your name in title to reserve your spot in the show and resubmit card when you have all your details filled in. Only 12 spots open!

  • This show will be DJ'd by Ame Starostin, Hosted by B.B. Schmooz and Directed By Web and Babypea. Any questions or concerns please contact one of us.