Monday, January 21, 2019

Harleyquin Learning Center Workshops - Jan 21st through 27th

Jan 21st through Jan 27th

All are welcome and no registration is required.  Come and participate or observe! 

Workshops are presented in voice, please make sure you can hear voice before arriving.  If you prefer not to participate – feel free to come listen!  Comfy chairs and class notes provided.
Please arrive early to prepare.  To allow for greater focus and to minimize distractions, the sim may be closed when the workshop begins.

Monday, Jan 21st

5 pm slt - Spot On Smooth Dancer – Tips, Tricks, and Using Sequences within Sequences to Create Choreography    LM

My goal?  Push the tools as far as they'll go!  Find new and efficient ways to use them, and share what I learn.  Come join this informal discussion as we review tips and ideas for making the most of your Smooth Dancer HUD.
(60 mins, dance studio)

Being familiar with using and recording with the Smooth Dancer Animation and Choreography HUD is preferred.  All are welcome to attend and listen!

Saturday, Jan 26th

9 am slt - Spot On Synchronization – Starting Your Dancers Backstage     LM

Use the Performance Director?  Wish your dancers could get on their movers early?  That you could just create your route for a dance on stage and not have the first way point backstage and hope you press play fast enough to get them on stage before the curtain opens?
If you use the Performance Director, Stage Manager, and Choreography Design System you CAN do this – easily.  We will review how you can create backstage notecards, understage notecards, and other things that will take the stress from getting your dancers in position!  I will also share how I easily incorporate this into all my new dances – within minutes and across venues!
(90 min - 45 min demonstration and explanation, 45 min creating together
held in the Training Theatre)

Requirements to participate:  Must own and have used the Performance Director, Stage Manager, and Choreography Design System in performance, and be comfortable in using them.  All are welcome to attend and listen!