Thursday, December 20, 2018

Three Debauche Shows This Weekend! HO HO HO!

Saturday 22nd December 10am SLT House of Jana, Erin Community Theater

Debauche come to the final weekend of this wonderful Christmas season and are delighted to be sharing this special time with the lovely Jana. Always a staunch supporter and very dear friend of Debauche, we love performing at her beautiful theatre.

Come join in the festive and ever so slightly naughty spirit at House of Jana

Saturday 22nd December 10am


Saturday 22nd December 12:30pm SLT The Trophy Room

We are thrilled to be returning to this wonderful and slightly naughty sim. Amazing people, an amazing atmosphere and a lovely little theater.

Spreading even more Christmas cheer at the Trophy a very classy way, of course. Come join us xxx

You know you want to


Sunday 23rd December 12:30pm SLT The Erin GoBraghless Theatre

Where else would we end this magical Christmas season but in our very own lovely theatre? It has a special magic to us. It is where we began, where we feel at home and where we love most of all. 

This show will be a little longer than usual as we try to pack in as much Christmas magic as we possibly can. And we just cannot wait for it. Sad that the Christmas shows are over but so excited at the new year coming.

Please come join in this celebration with us. Love to see you there


Sunday 23rd December, 12:30pm SLT