Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Harleyquin Learning Center Workshops - December 22nd through 23rd

December 22nd through December 23rd

All are welcome and no registration is required.  Come and participate or observe! 

Workshops are presented in voice, please make sure you can hear voice before arriving.  If you prefer not to participate – feel free to come listen!  Comfy chairs and class notes provided.
Please arrive early to prepare.  To allow for greater focus and to minimize distractions, the sim may be closed when the workshop begins.

Saturday, Dec 22nd

9 am - Mini Workshop: Set Prep - Linking Prims and Making it Phantom
You've designed your set and it's ready for its moment on stage - but wait!  Did you know that linking your set makes it much easier to work with and easier for your tool to rez?  During this mini workshop we talk about what to link and what not to link, root and child prims, and preparing your set before you pack it.  We'll also review what the phantom setting is and how it can reduce lag and help your set rez in the right place every time!
(30 min, Project Platform)

10 am – Spot On Stage Manager, A to Z
One of several rezzer systems available, this is a very versatile tool that integrates seamlessly with the other Spot On Tools.  We cover how Stage Manager rezzes sets based on the venue, how to load one or more sets into a rezzer, de-rezzing, and modifying a loaded set, plus any tips and tricks I know.  We will also be covering why your sets should be phantom.  Hands on – you will be doing all of this during the workshop!  Set supplies will be provided.
(1.5 hours, Project Platform)

Requirements to participate:   Own the Spot On Stage Manager, know how to link and unlink prims.  All are welcome to come listen!

Workshop Details

11:30 am - Spot On Stage Manager, Interactive 2.0
Feel free to stay, ask questions, and practice what we covered during the workshop!  Informal and interactive!
(30 min, Project Platform)

Sunday, Dec 23rd

9 am - Mini Workshop:  Animation Organization
Choosing animations for your dance can be one of the most creative yet frustrating experiences.  During this mini-workshop, we explore different tools and methods for organizing your dance animations and selecting them for a dance.  Explore the different stations, try out the different tools, learn different methods for organizing animations.  There are no "wrong ways", there is no "one way", merely different ways!
(30 mins, Inspiration Station)

Do you have a method that works well for you?  I'd love to include it!  Please contact EvaHarley Resident in world at least a week before the workshop.

Note:   These demonstration stations will remain available at any time at the Inspiration Station after the workshop.   

10 am – Spot On Smooth Dancer:  Focus on Sequences
Create a sequence of timed animations by using the amazing record feature in the Smooth Dancer HUD.  Learn how to create multiple sequences and manually edit them when needed!  We will also touch on smoothing transitions, blind animations, and how you CAN perform using only the Smooth Dancer HUD!  Includes creating your own sequence and a group activity.
(1 hour, Dance Studio)

Requirements to participate:  Come prepared with a Smooth Dancer HUD loaded with at least 20 animations.  Be familiar with using your HUD, inviting dancers, removing, and re-inviting.

Workshop Details

11 am - Spot On Smooth Dancer:  Focus on Sequences, Interactive 2.0
Feel free to stay, ask questions, and practice what we covered during the workshop!  Informal and interactive!
(1 hour, Dance Studio)

For additional info and dance tips, please visit our blog:

Happy Holidays!  Workshops will return on January 7th!