Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Harleyquin Learning Center Workshops - December 8th through December 14th

December 8th through December 14th

All are welcome and no registration is required.  Come and participate or observe! 

Workshops are presented in voice, please make sure you can hear voice before arriving.  If you prefer not to participate – feel free to come listen!  Comfy chairs and class notes provided.
Please arrive early to prepare.  To allow for greater focus and to minimize distractions, the sim may be closed when the workshop begins.

Saturday, Dec 8th

9 am – Mini Workshop: +[BN]+ Group Change HUD

Always forgetting to change your dance tag?  Love to hit up the sales and forget to activate the group?  What could be exciting about a HUD that does this for you?  A LOT when we look at this one!

What’s different?
  • No notecards, adding or changing a group is done easily from the menu.
  • You set what group to activate when you teleport to a parcel OR sim!  Part of the special VIP group?  Set that tag to automatically activate.
  • No more wearing the wrong dancer tag at a venue!  It automatically changes when you arrive!
  • Dance at two different venues on the same sim?  If one is on its own parcel, you can set which dancer tag to wear for the parcel and one for the sim, or one for each parcel!
  • You can also designate your default group...such as:  ~I'm a Rockstar~
  • Added benefit:  the HUD can also automatically attach items set for that specific group!  Handy for camera HUDs, roleplay meters, margaritas...
Set it up and forget about it!  You can even lock it on your screen so it never comes off unless you want it to.  

This tool is EASY TO USE and best of all only 1 SCRIPT!

Buy yours here (125L):  Marketplace link
(30 minutes, Build Studio)

Requirements to participate:  Own the +[BN]+ Group Change HUD (link above)

10 am - Making Your Own Effects Trigger HUD

Triggering changes, actions, and effects during a dance can add significant impact to a performance. We will review how this can be accomplished through the Performance Director or configuring one of the HUD buttons, but we are also going to add a new tool to your arsenal – how you can create your own special effects trigger HUD.  We’ll discuss what you can do with it and why you may want to create one.  It is easier than you think!  Includes a hands-on exercise where you will create your own and trigger a little bit of magic!
(1 hour, Build Studio)

Requirements to participate:  Basic knowledge of editing notecards, the object contents window

Workshop Details

11 am - Making Your Own Effects Trigger HUD, Interactive 2.0

Feel free to stay, ask questions, and practice what we covered during the workshop!  Informal and interactive!
(1 hour, Build Studio)

Monday, Dec 10th

5 pm – Barre HUD Basics – Benefits, Loading Animations, and Sequences

The Barre HUD is an alternate animation and choreography HUD that can provide additional flexibility in dance.  It is the #1 HUD for large crowd dancing and free styling.  It is an excellent tool to consider adding to your toolbox.

Requirements to participate:  Own the Barre HUD to participate.  All are welcome to attend and listen!

Workshop Details

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