Monday, December 10, 2018

Monarchs Presents - The Spirits of Christmas

Monarchs Presents

The Spirits of Christmas

The Ghost of Christmas has lost his way. Decades of increasing anticipations for Christmas celebrations have left him worn down, angry and depressed. He has turned bitter - lashing out until finally he snapped and took away Christmas…

Now the Lady of Ice and The Spirit of the Child must band together and recover the holiday before it’s lost completely...

  • 14th @ 8pm
  • 15th @ noon & 9pm
  • 16th @ 1pm
  • 21st @ 9pm
  • 22nd @ 3pm

Please join us for a unique and magical Christmas dance spectacular, featuring a sim-wide presentation with magnificent builds by Royal Shippe, an original Christmas story by Diiar Vader-Shippe, and unique acts choreographed by Royal Shippe, Diiar Vader-Shippe, Babypea Von Phoenix, Filomena Quinnell, and Jilley Roo!

Your sleigh!