Thursday, November 15, 2018

Two Debauche shows this weekend!

Saturday 17th November, 1pm ST  San Carlo

Debauche are delighted to have been invited to perform at this wonderfully immersive roleplay sim, although the show is certainly not roleplay.

Its the usual blend of sexiness, excitement, thrills, spills, frills, silk stockings and.................... CLASS!!

Come join us at this new venue, Saturday 17th November 1pm SLT

Come see the show!


Sunday 18th November, 1pm SLT House of Jana

The beautiful Jana Rookswood once again plays host to Debauche in this fantastic Theater.

We always love to perform there. Always a fun, lively audience and a great atmosphere. So much looking forward to this.

And it has Jana too. We love Jana!!

Come join us for a great show, Sunday 18th November, 1pm SLT

Come see the show!