Thursday, November 8, 2018

Debauche This Weekend!

Saturday 10th November, 1pm SLT

We are proud, privileged and honoured to perform in the Erin GoBraghless Theater.

Erin will always have a very dear place in the hearts of all of us. She was our sunshine, our giggle, our smiles. A former Debauche dancer, Erin  passed away very recently and this will be in honour of this amazing lady. Still with us in spirit, always.

Please join us at The Erin GoBraghless Theater for this special show.

Saturday 10th November, 1pm SLT

Please Join Us Here


Sunday 11th November, 1pm SLT Tuscany

We return at last to the beautiful theater at Tuscany, a truly gorgeous place.

Sunday 11th November is a special day in which many countries commemorate those who fought and lost their lives in war.

It is a day in which we remember those, of all nations, who gave their lives so we could live ours.  We intend to honour those fallen heroes in a very emotional show.

Please come join us in commemoration of so many brave souls.

Tuscany, Sunday 11th, 1pm SLT

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