Saturday, November 24, 2018

RIPA - After Dark's Adventures of Dust

RIPA present: “After Dark”
Friday, 30 November, 12-2pm slt
at Adventures of Dust!

After Dark is a male and female erotic striptease show, consisting of hot dance routines in a two-hour performance. The show offers a mix of hot, sexy dancers, mesmerizing choreography, steamy stage design and jaw-dropping special effects.

We are thrilled to bring our show to the Adventures of Dust, the friendliest, happiest bunch of gaybois in Second Life!

For bookings or more information, please contanct Red Hykova or Steve Ruhig-Allen, producers at the River Island Theatre (inworld!)

STRICTLY ADULT, as this show contains full nudity.

Friday, 30 Nov 12–2pm slt!

Come see the show: