Friday, November 9, 2018

Men at Night

✦ Men At Night ✦
✦Friday, November 9th, 2018 ✦
✦ 8pm slt ✦

Limited to 25 people.

Are you looking for something to do on Friday night? Tired of going to the same clubs hearing the same music? Want to do something different in a new atmosphere? Well, look no further !!!!

This Friday Evening, the very talented and sexy men of Men In Motion will be dancing for your pleasure at their new Men At Night Theater. These gentlemen will show you exactly what happens when the lights go down at night. Dare you take a chance to see what lurks within the the dim walls at the theater?

Dancing and providing the pleasure for you this night will be:

→→ Sebastain Bourne - Owner of Men In Motion & Men At Night
Mysterious, Quiet, Sensual, Sexy,
Tempting, Alluring, Lust, Desire...
Just a few words to describe the
Owner. Which sin can Seb provide
you tonight? Only one way to find out
→→ Cannon - Dancer for both MIM & M@N and who I have
given the nickname of "Mr Clean". Women tend
to love a bald headed man who can clean
→→ Fafnir - Dancer and Choreographer for MIM & M@N
Our lovable dragon who isn't afraid to show you
how hot his flame can be against your flesh
→→ Hunter - Dancer for MIM & M@N
A southern teddy bear with a dark side when
the lights go out. A man's voice where even
reading the phone book will have you squirming
in your seat
→→ Si - Dancer & Choreographer for MIM & M@N
The British Bad Boy who has absolutely no problem
doing what needs to be done in ways that gets him
grounded. He will push the limits of right and wrong.
Which side will you end up on?
→→ Zach - Dancer & Choreographer for MIM & M@N
Zach has the ability to always get himself into
trouble no matter he does. Makes one wonder
exactly what kind of trouble he will get into with
you? This might be worth a time out to find out

Come find out what these men will do !!!! See You There At 8pm !!!

Your Limo to the Show.