Thursday, October 29, 2015

JOURNEY VIRTUOSO Auditioning Performers and Male Dancers For: A Celtic Christmas!

A Celtic Christmas

Contact: Klark Harvy

JOURNEY VIRTUOSO are creating a Christmas show.

This will be unlike any other dance show, as we will be including singers and orchestra between dances. It will have a Celtic theme, some fabulous music and dances, and will be professionally directed by Klark Harvy, and the Virtuoso Production Team.

Dances and Leaders have already been cast, and we are now auditioning for other performers in three groups;


And also a STAGE MANAGEMENT CREW of 4 people.

To take on a role in these groups, you will need to be available to perform initially on 12th Dec from 12 - 3pm SLT, but we hope to have more shows to follow, with an intention to perform A CELTIC CHRISTMAS at events for future years to come.

There will be main Saturday practices at 8am SLT through Nov/Dec

YOU WILL NOT NEED TO CREATE OR CHOREOGRAPH ANYTHING. You may need to purchase an instrument or mic, and related animation hud, depending on your role, and also possibly a costume.

All the movers, and soft choreography will be created by a Leader, already appointed.

*What we need most, are reliable and committed people to make this show a spectacular success *

If you are new to dance, you will gain much insight in how a show is put together and directed, and if you are already more experienced, a chance to be a part of something rich and fun at Christmas time.

I am also looking for a few more male dancers.

If you are interested in taking part in this production please contact me asap, as the casting will need to go out by the end of this weekend.