Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween at the Meet & Greet

What a blast!!!

We had a super great time.. with super great performances and what a super great audience!!!
Scary, funny, fantastic... and that's only a few words to describe this Meet & Greet with.

I did post all the pictures i have at the DQ Facebook side... so if you want to see them all.. have a look there!

In the mean time, i will post a few here as well...

This we have to do for sure again!!!

Come and join us next time at the Meet & Greet (Every Wednesday 2-4 pm)
And if you have a one song show, for the "line up" on stage, give me a shout, and i will send you the info you need (Zhaza Zerbino)
Could be anything.. old, new, a peek on your new show...

Lets make Wednesdays Meet & Greets, to stunning show nights!!!

Enjoy the pictures....