Thursday, October 15, 2015

Halloween at Dance Queens..

Hey everyone,

Who doesnt like to dress up?
I guess most of us love to go crazy with outfits and costumes... So Halloween is THE moment to take that chance!!

The next two Wednesdays, will we make the "Meet & Greet" to special events...
They will be a "Line up on stage Halloween Special".

What does that mean?
Well.. we are looking for performers, who will do a one song show, related to Halloween, on the stage I will set up at the Dance Queens Island.
Laz Dresler will be our DJ, so you have to send your song to her.
If you decide to join this event, then send me (Zhaza Zerbino) a message and I will send you all the info you need.

We are talking about the next two Wednesdays between 2-4 pm (21 & 28 October)

I will post time schedules, as soon I get your INFO and I hope of course, to see as many as possible!!

Happy Halloween ;o))

ZZ ♥


  1. What size stage ZZ? Do we do a full dance with set, can we do one we already have, or do we need to make a brand new one for this?

  2. Stage is 31,1 x 17,3 and i have a template to give away, so you can make the stage fit to that.
    It will be a "line up", one song... and you can use of course some old stuff. I work at the place, but you can get the template and the LM, so you can have a look ;o)