Friday, October 23, 2015

ExtravaDanza Macabrè Starts Saturday at 12noon SLT!

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  ExtravaDanza is awakening and rising in the moonlit mist of Hallowed's Eve to treat you with some spookalicious tricks!  The team that brought you Christmas ExtravaDanza and Imagine! is back for some delightfully ghoulish Halloween Horror.  Macabre... the dance of the dead!  Featuring a dance themed after The Walking Dead for you zombie fans.  We have Daryl and Michonne!  We will give you nightmares before Christmas, chainsaws in Texas, 1001 corpses, ghosts, witches, scary clowns, and THE phantom of the opera plus lots more!  Come in costume to disguise yourself from the evil that will be dancing, as humans may prove to be prey for our restless depravity!

Show Dates and Times:

Saturday, October 24th at 12noon

Friday, October 30th at 9pm SLT

Sunday, November 1st at 12noon


Your hearse: