Sunday, November 2, 2014

Guerilla Burlesque Announce Final Season for 2014!!

We are delighted to announce that our final season for 2014 will commence this Friday at midnight. 
Please welcome our cast and crew, who work very hard to get to this point:
Managing Director: chryblnd Scribe
Assistant to chryblnd Scribe: Deb Heron
Public Relations: Aubreya Joszpe
Admin Assistant: Azabella Alamar

Shadow Tarber, Deb Heron, BabyPea von Phoenix, SexyS Quintessa, Sho Kyong, Meegan Danitz, Oodlemi Noodle, Aubreya Joszpe, Azabella Alamar, Jess Cauld, Zahra Ethaniel, Chewie Quixote, Blaze de Vivre, Thea Dee

Debuting this season:
Tray Porthos, Imrhien Fargis, Maeve Branner, BlkBlade

Barbara Collazo, Tray Porthos, Mercutio Evanier, VampireRatz Lupino, Anashara, Cee Edman, Imrhien Fargas, Maeve Branner, Barney Helendale, darkdayys

In2UDeep Luv, Chrissy Rhianno, Gamma Infinity, Chandra Meehan, Shadow's Silhouettes — with Chryblnd Scribe.

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